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NIO App’s power swap station wishlist function officially launched: it’s up to you to decide where to build it

According to IT Home, recently NIO App’s power swap station wishlist function was officially launched for improving the efficiency of site selection for site construction. Users can actively participate in recommending the site selection area for a power swap station. NIO also looks forward to the help of users and friends who have resources such as sites and power capacity.

Wishlist site selection

Each user can fill in the wish addresses of 3 urban swap stations and 3 expressway swap stations according to their own needs, and multi-vehicle users can fill in multiple times. It is recommended to directly search for the service area or the name of the entrance and exit for expressway site selection, which is more convenient and accurate to fill in.


Help to build a site

Users who have resources such as venues and power capacity can fill in the information about your city and venue on the site help building page. The more detailed the information, the more helpful. After completing the filling, the NIO team will contact you as soon as possible.

Site resources with suitable conditions:
Convenient transportation, spacious and safe, suitable for unattended;
Support for implementing the power capacity, 630-1250kW, the higher capacity the better;
Reasonable site rent and electricity price, the lower the better;
The more surrounding users, the better.


Share wishes

After completing the wish list in the NIO App, you can also share the wish poster, invite more friends to experience NIO, increase the popularity of the location, and successfully invite a test drive or car purchase, which can speed up the completion of the wish list.

NIO said that after receiving the selections, NIO will do its best to realize everyone’s wish as soon as possible, and continue the layout.