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Xi’an Aviation Investment and EHang strategic cooperation signing ceremony, intelligent aircraft demonstration, and order signing ceremony for 50 aircraft units worth 100 million yuan

According to Phoenix Net Shaanxi, on March 9, Science and Technology Development Holding Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi’an Aviation Investment Corporation, held a test flight demonstration of various future new energy aircraft from EHang.


A number of passengers took off in the new energy aircraft against the spring breeze at the General Aviation Airport of Xi’an Aerospace Base, and experienced the comfortable travel of the new energy aircraft in the future. A number of companies from the United States, Hong Kong, Xi’an and other places signed purchase orders for 50 new energy aircraft worth 100 million yuan.

Order Purchase Signing Ceremony; Xi’an Aviation Investment and EHang Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and Intelligent Aircraft Demonstration Activities (source: Xi’an TV)

Xi’an Aviation Investment Science and Technology Development Holding Group and EHang established a joint venture company majority-controlled by Xi’an Aviation Investment, aiming at the growth point and development window period of the urban air mobility market, carrying out the research and development of multi-model and multi-type intelligent autonomous aircraft, and seizing the commanding heights of the market and technology.

New Energy Aircraft Demonstration
EH216F (Firefighting version)
Falcon B

The new energy aircraft exhibited this time is the world’s first passenger-carrying self-driving aircraft. It has completed more than 30,000 flight demonstrations around the world, leaving flight footprints in twelve countries including China, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Austria, Canada, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Estonia and Indonesia, and leading the development of global urban air mobility.

Xi’an Aviation Investment will always be committed to the development of the aviation industry in the future and the R&D, production and manufacturing of new energy aircraft that can replace jet fuel, striving for green and high-quality development.