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BYD signed a big order of 5,000 EVs over the next 3 years with UK company Octopus Electric Vehicles

BYD signed a big order of 5,000 EVs over the next 3 years with UK company Octopus Electric Vehicles

It is learned on March 13 from China Securities Daily that recently, BYD and British electric vehicle company Octopus Electric Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as Octopus EV) reached a cooperation. Octopus EV will purchase 5,000 electric vehicles from BYD in the next three years to serve the UK market.

It is understood that the first models purchased by Octopus EV this time include BYD ATTO 3, which was first launched in the UK recently. This model is a sporty pure electric SUV, which went on sale in the UK in March this year.

“The 5,000 new energy vehicles purchased by Octopus EV in this cooperation will be applicable to the British employee car purchase plan, opening a new chapter for BYD to accelerate its expansion into the British market.”
The relevant person in charge of BYD said that in the future, the company will continue to deepen the field of new energy transportation and accelerate the transformation of global electric transportation.

“BYD will bring the latest products and leading technologies to British consumers, continue to deepen cooperation with local partners in the UK, and practice green electric travel. “
Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD’s International Cooperation Division and European Automobile Sales Division, said.

It is understood that the British green energy group Octopus Energy Group is one of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe, focusing on developing green energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The company established Octopus EV electric vehicle company in 2018 to provide one-stop services such as electric vehicle rental, charging pile installation, and special preferential electricity prices for electric vehicles through its parent company, and is committed to providing consumers with a full range of electric vehicles experience.

Shu Youxing emphasized that the UK is one of the most important new energy vehicle markets in Europe. BYD hopes to combine the local resources of the local dealer group to bring the company’s battery technology and brand new energy vehicle product matrix to the local area. In the future, BYD will continue to carry out in-depth localization in the UK to enrich the matrix of new energy passenger vehicle models in Europe.