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Huajiangpu Technology and Alibaba Digital Agriculture signed an annual sales order of 20 million flowers

Huajiangpu Technology and Alibaba Digital Agriculture signed an annual sales order of 20 million flowers

Source: Yuntianhua Group


On March 6, 2023, the signing ceremony of Huajiangpu Technology and Alibaba Group’s Digital Agriculture framework cooperation was successfully held.

Zheng Hongmei, general manager of Alibaba Group’s Digital Agriculture Purchasing Center and general manager of Taocai Fresh Industry, Yao Jianglan, party secretary and general manager of Huajiangpu Technology, attended the signing ceremony, The ceremony was presided over by Lu Zhihuan, deputy general manager of Huajiangpu Technology.

Yao Jianglan said that Ali Group has rich channel resources, digital models and sales links. In the future, Huajiangpu Technology and Alibaba Group’s Digital Agriculture will cooperate in the selection of varieties, standardized planting guidance, post-harvest grading and freshness preservation, cold chain circulation, seedling research and development, brand building, agricultural digital upgrading, and rural revitalization for farmers. The two parties will work together to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, bring customers better flower quality, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the “CloudFlower” industry.

Zheng Hongmei highly appreciated the development speed and scale of Huajiangpu Technology in recent years and expressed her strong desire to strengthen cooperation with Huajiangpu Technology in the whole flower industry chain. She said that the purpose of cooperating with the highest standard rose planting base in Asia is not only source procurement, but more importantly, the long-term layout of the flower track.

The signing of this agreement marks the establishment of a long-term partnership between Huajiangpu Technology and Alibaba Group’s Digital Agriculture.
In terms of building high-quality bases, the two parties plan to jointly build three demonstration digital bases in the next three years;
In terms of contract farming, the two parties will achieve 20 million flower sales and more than 20 new product breeding in 2023;
In terms of direct procurement at the bases, the two parties will strengthen the priority purchase rights to provide more consumers with high-quality fresh cut flowers;
In terms of urban gardening products and fertilizers for flowers, the two parties will expand the C-end sales channels, strengthen the supply chain and brand building;
In terms of sustainable development, the two parties will develop green planting, reduce flower loss, and promote the realization of the commercial value of sustainable projects;
In terms of brand, the two parties will realize quality control and traceability, quality endorsement and brand premium of high-quality flowers under contract farming;
In terms of big data, the two parties will realize accurate matching of supply and demand and support for production and marketing decision-making on the basis of opening up the agricultural big data information chain;
In terms of rural revitalization, the two parties will make full use of digital means to empower the whole process.

Future cooperation will further accelerate the mining of resources and value of the ” CloudFlower ” industrial chain.