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The first stop in the Middle East! BYD debut in Jordan

On March 13, BYD reported that on March 9, BYD and dealer Mobility Solutions Auto Trade Company jointly held the BYD brand and new car launch conference in Amman, Jordan, and jointly provided Jordan with new energy passenger vehicle products that consumers love.


From left: Mobility Solutions team, and BYD Middle East and Africa Auto Sales Team celebrated BYD Auto’s entry into the Jordanian market

At this press conference, BYD brought four highly anticipated models.
BYD Dolphin is the first model to adopt the “Ocean Aesthetics” design concept, and it is also the first mass-produced model based on BYD’s e-platform 3.0, providing users with a safer and more comfortable driving experience;
BYD Tang EV is a luxury medium-sized SUV with a powerful power of 520 horsepower and a new electric four-wheel drive system, allowing users to enjoy driving pleasure.
BYD Yuan Plus has excellent battery life and convenient charging methods, making it an ideal choice for urban travel;
BYD Han EV is the flagship model, allowing users to enjoy ultra-long cruising range and excellent driving performance.
These models represent BYD’s commitment to sustainable development and smart travel in the future.

Peng Lei, sales director of BYD Auto Middle East, said at the press conference: “This conference is not only our first stop in the Middle East market this year, but also a milestone for our in-depth expansion of the Middle East market. BYD and Mobility Solutions Auto Trade Company jointly presented the most advanced new energy vehicle products and services, demonstrating our technical strength and professional capabilities. The success of this press conference has brought new development opportunities for the Jordanian auto market. We believe that with the joint efforts of BYD and Mobility Solutions Auto Trade Company, we will inject more new impetus and vitality into the Jordanian auto market.”

Peng Lei, Regional Sales Director of BYD Auto Middle East, delivered a speech

Eng. Ekrimeh Mahasneh, CEO of Bustami & Saheb Group, said: “We are delighted to launch BYD Auto in Jordan, which is synonymous with innovation, quality and sustainability. This collaboration is an important milestone in our efforts to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions in the region and positively impact the future of mobility in Jordan.”

CEO of Bustami & Saheb Group, Eng. Ekrimeh Mahasneh delivering a speech

Ammar Al-Jabari, General Manager of Mobility Solutions Auto Trading Company, added: “With BYD’s advanced electric vehicles, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled driving experience to our customers in Jordan.”

In addition to product highlights, the press conference also announced the strategic cooperation plan between BYD and Jordanian dealer Mobility Solutions Auto Trade Company. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in sales, after-sales, maintenance and other aspects to provide consumers in the Middle East with better service and support. This is also an important step for BYD to continue to develop in the Middle East market. We will continue to work with our partners to jointly promote the development of the Middle East market.

Grand event at the press conference