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Tuopu Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with NIO


According to Securities Daily, on the evening of March 16, Tuopu Group issued an announcement on signing a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The company signed the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as the “agreement”) with Shanghai NIO Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NIO”),

On the premise of equality and voluntariness, the two parties hope to establish a strategic cooperative relationship on the R&D, manufacturing and supply of new energy auto parts products, and become a long-term, stable and win-win strategic partner. The agreement is valid for 5 years.

In addition, this agreement is a framework agreement for cooperation between the two parties, and does not involve specific business, orders and amounts. When carrying out specific cooperation business, the two parties need to negotiate and sign specific contracts separately.

The announcement shows that the main content of the agreement includes in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the four dimensions of supporting NIO’s supply chain to be localized, low-carbon, digitally transparent, and globalized;
Carrying out multi-dimensional and all-round strategic cooperation for chassis systems, body lightweight, thermal management systems, interior and exterior trim systems, and NVH shock absorption systems;
Deepening communication channels and carrying out regular technical exchanges;
Discussing and promoting cooperation in various aspects such as brand promotion, product marketing, technology improvement, quality cultivation, customer service, and personnel training;
Collaborating with each other to complete the application and interoperability of digital systems and tools.

Tuopu Group said that through the signing of this agreement, the company will establish a strategic partnership with customers and adopt a Tier0.5 innovative supply chain cooperation model to provide customers with better QSTP products and services.