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City NGP smart driving upgrade, Xpeng P5 welcomes OTA again

On March 16, Xpeng reported another Xpeng P5 OTA update for City NGP smart driving.




Xpeng P5
Xmart OS 3.4.0

Xiaopeng P5 officially welcomes the 7th vehicle OTA upgrade

This version 3.4.0 will bring users

4 new features, 16 experience optimizations

And other 20+ basic experience improvements

This upgrade will cover:
City NGP, highway NGP, LCC enhanced version, panoramic image, charging map


01 Urban NGP covers Shenzhen

City NGP: HEY! Shenzhen Xpeng friends!

City NGP opened in Shenzhen area

Going to work/shopping can also use the navigation and assisted driving throughout the journey

No fear of traffic jams and fork roads, worry-free and labor-saving

After testing, the traffic efficiency reaches 90% of that of human drivers

Comparable to an experienced driver


City NGP can easily cope with the heavy traffic flow during rush hour and complex road conditions with various non-motorized vehicles

Intelligently identify traffic lights according to the lane, and automatically start and stop

Comfortable and at ease

Cooperate with lidar integrated perception to actively avoid pedestrians, vehicles and construction roadblocks

Smart driving experience is safer

City NGP makes smart driving worry-free throughout the city, and makes Xpeng friends worry-free all the way!

02 Highway NGP understands you better

Speed limit adjustment optimization
Speed follows your intent

When the vehicle is cruising, it will give priority to driving at the speed pre-set by you

The speed limit switching through sections such as crosswind areas is more comfortable

Speed at your own pace, assisted driving understands you better

*Except for complex and high-risk scenarios such as entering ramps, tunnels and large curvature curves


03 Intelligent assisted driving, a tacit understanding between persons and vehicle

LCC enhanced version and then upgrade
Temporary takeover, automatic recovery

After taking over the steering wheel, LCC-L will automatically stand by within 20 seconds, and automatically resume when it meets the conditions

The standby prompt is clearer

Human-machine co-driving is smoother

The speed limit range of LCC enhanced version has been adjusted
Traffic efficiency can be higher

*Instrument SR (SURROUNDING REALITY environment simulation display)


360° panoramic image
One key control

LCC enhanced version and then upgrade
Temporary takeover, automatic recovery

One-key panorama, easy parking

Say BYE BYE to scratches!!

The long-awaited panoramic image quick start, arrange!

By setting the custom key on the steering wheel, you can turn on the panoramic image with one key when driving/parking

It is easy to pass through narrow alleys, and the front of the car is free from scratches. This trick is absolutely perfect!


05 Charging classification
Clear at a glance

Unified identification helps you find the most suitable pile

The car charging map marking has been optimized and upgraded!

Fast charging/slow charging, clear and clear!

Free/exclusive, at a glance!

The classification is clearer and the search is more convenient

Charge wherever you want!


Xpeng vehicle OTA
Re-extending the boundary, not only leading