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Western Tourism intends to reach a cooperation with EHang to carry out low-altitude tourism projects with the help of autonomous aircraft


On March 17, according to Zhitong Finance Net, Xiyu Tourism (Western Tourism) (300859.SZ) announced that the company intends to sign a “Cooperation Framework Agreement” with EHang Intelligent Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (“EHang”), to jointly fund and establish a joint venture company for the operation of autonomous aircraft (tentatively named “Xiyu Jade Bird General Aviation Co., Ltd.”, hereafter referred to as “Xiyu General Aviation”).

The registered capital of Xiyu General Aviation is tentatively set at 25 million yuan, of which the company contributes 17.5 million yuan in currency, accounting for 70% of the registered capital of Xiyu General Aviation; EHang invested 7.5 million yuan in currency, accounting for 30% of the registered capital of Xiyu General Aviation.

The agreement stipulates that Xiyu Tourism will give full play to its advantages in tourism resources and first promote the EHang series of passenger self-driving aircraft in the scenic spots it operates;
And gradually promote to all scenic spots in Xinjiang;
EHang will give full play to its own technical advantages and product advantages, promise to obtain the EH216-S airworthiness certificate as scheduled, and assist Xiyu Tourism to do a good job in marketing and technical support;
EHang ensures that Xiyu General Aviation obtains the relevant general aviation operating license within six months after the issuance of the EH216-S airworthiness certificate, and Xiyu Tourism actively assists and cooperates;
Xiyu General Aviation plans to operate no less than 120 EH216-S or similar passenger-level autonomous aircraft in the next five years.

It is reported that the purpose of this project is to rely on the Tianshan Tianchi and other scenic spots currently in operation by the company and the brand influence and demonstration drive of the existing scenic spots to carry out low-altitude tourism projects and open up new perspectives and new ideas for air tours of Tianshan Tianchi.
And it is planned to use this as a platform to radiate the whole Xinjiang, create a new format of low-altitude tourism, and further enhance the influence, popularity and brand value of Tianchi tourism products, thereby driving the high-quality development and industrial upgrading of the tourism industry.