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BYD smart watch exposed: supports functions such as car key, is expected to be launched in April


It is learned on March 19 from Huanqiu Wang Keji (Global Net Technology) that BYD’s smart watch with car key is expected to be launched in April. The list of the first batch of BYD smart watch key experience camp was announced at the beginning of the month. A total of 20 users have obtained the qualifications for the experience camp this time, so some information about this product has already flowed out on the Internet.

From the appearance point of view, the BYD smart watch adopts a circular dial design instead of a square dial design as in the previous patent. There are already many similar products on the market. The power button of this watch is located in the lower left corner, the upper right corner is a car unlock button, and the lower right corner is a lock button. You can see the function mark on the outermost circle of the dial.

It is reported that BYD’s smart watch is positioned as “BYD’s exclusive customized high-tech smart watch with the function of the original car key”. It has functions such as smart ignition, comfortable entry, smart locking, lifting windows, and opening the tailgate, which can perfectly replace the original car key.

In addition, it is also a full-featured smart watch/bracelet, with a variety of dial UIs, supporting sports step counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, caller information reminders and other functions.

Judging from the previously exposed parameters, this watch uses a 360×360 resolution sapphire screen, supports Android 4.4 and iOS 7.1 or higher mobile phone connection, is equipped with a medical-grade heart rate sensor, supports daily life waterproof, and has a built-in 200mAh battery, standby 30 days, can support 5~7 days of continuous use.