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New NIO ES6 spy photos exposed, with lidars added and other configurations

Source: Auto Home


It is learned on March 20 from Auto Home that a few days ago, the relevant spy photos of new ES6 equipped with the NT2.0 platform were exposed on the domestic media. The new car is wrapped in a lot of camouflage, but some new changes can still be roughly seen, such as adding lidars and increasing body size.

At present, NIO’s new generation products are all built on the NT2.0 platform, while the current ES6 is a product of the old platform. After the ES8 is replaced, its replacement update will soon be put on the agenda. The new ES6 has lidar-like devices on the top of the car, coupled with the camera layout on both sides, and the “watchtower” style. The design is consistent with the new NIO ES8/ET7, indicating that it is equipped with the NIO Aquila super-sensing system.

Although the vehicle in the spy photos is heavily camouflaged, and the overall profile of the front is similar to the previous generation, the detailed design has adopted the latest scheme. The split light group and the slender strip daytime running lights can well distinguish the old and new models.


Friends who have seen the new-generation ES8 real car should not be unfamiliar with the slender strip-shaped through-type taillights on this ES6. Yes, it uses the latest design style of the family. And the outline of the entire rear of the new car is relatively full, giving people a sense of strength.

For the interior, the new car basically continues the interior design style of the previous generation model, but if you are a fan of NIO, you can still see the difference between it and the old model at a glance.

That’s right, the air outlet has been changed to a hidden one, which makes the interior of the car have a more concise design style, and is more in line with the current trend of simplicity. At the same time, the right side of the shift area is also upgraded to the latest design, and the buttons are simpler.

Judging from the generation replacement of the ES8, NIO may equip the new ES6 with an upgraded version of the PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit, N-Box enhanced entertainment console, etc., to refresh the smart driving and smart cockpit.

In terms of power, referring to other models under NIO, it may be equipped with a standard battery pack (75kWh), and the CLTC battery range can reach 465 kilometers; The long battery pack (100kWh) has a battery range of 605 kilometers, and the ultra-long battery pack (150kWh) has a battery range of 900 kilometers.