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NIO has received the power swap station wishes, the layout is started

On March 20, NIO reported the receiving of the power swap station wishes from users and the starting of the layout.


The power swap station wishes received
The layout started


The submission of the power swap station wishlist has been online for 20 days

132,238 power station wishes have been received

Involving 2,458 districts and counties in 334 cities and 9,728 expressway service areas and entrances and exits in 34 provincial-level administrative regions across the country

Among them, 68.73% in the urban area and 31.27% in the expressway

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are also included in the wish locations of many users.

We will continue to make arrangements to brighten up the power swap sites across the country.


We aggregated and analyzed more than 130,000 wish addresses

The hottest cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou

The hottest city spot covering 349 wishes

A total of 240 spots with each covering more than 50 user wishes

We will plan the layout based on the desire heat and the city’s comprehensive situation


*Data will change as the number in the wishlist increases

Expressways that users most want to open through for the layout: G25 Chang-Shen Expressway, G42 Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, G45 Da-Guang Expressway

Expressways that users most want to densen the layout:
G15 Shen-Hai Expressway, G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway

These lines are all in our plan

Accelerate the layout of expressway power swap networks in 9 vertical and 9 horizontal urban agglomerations

Let everyone travel freely on expressways, and go wherever you want

After receiving everyone’s wish

We have been in 134 cities across the country

Opened 221 user meeting sessions of Thousand Stations Plan

Communicated face-to-face with 6,459 users on site selection

We will continue to conduct face-to-face meetings with users this year

As long as there are NIO users, we will go

Thanks to 760 users for providing us with clues for site constructions

We will follow up the feedback one by one, thank you for your help

At the same time, announce the latest progress of the wish stations:

The first batch of 10 third-generation swap stations will be officially launched on March 28

There are also 10 special guests who will deliver the wish stations on the spot

Thank you for your support and trust

Hope more users will join in

We will work hard to fulfill everyone’s wishes