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Cham Battery released the world’s first quasi-solid-state high-safety 21700 cylindrical battery cell


It is learned on March 17 from Carbon Materials Conference that Cham Battery released the world’s first quasi-solid-state high-safety 21700 cylindrical battery cell.

As clean energy and electrification are getting more and more attention, lithium battery, as a high-performance, efficient and reliable battery technology, has received extensive attention and application in the fields of energy storage and mobile applications. More and more companies are committed to the research and development of lithium batteries, constantly promoting the development of lithium battery technology.

Combining its years of technology accumulation and advantages in battery material systems and manufacturing processes, Cham Battery has released this high-safety quasi-solid-state 21700 cylindrical lithium-ion battery with the following outstanding features:
1. Replace 18650 battery application scenarios, and optimize and improve comprehensive performance more than 80%;
2. The battery energy density reaches 320Wh/kg, an increase of 30%, which is the highest level that domestic 21700 battery products can achieve;
3. The battery production process and assembly technology have been greatly optimized at the same time, and the cost of battery packs has been reduced by 20%. The weight of the battery pack is reduced by 25% at the same capacity;
4. The battery and battery pack have passed the 180°C hot box test and the continuous extreme overcharge/short circuit test. It is the first 21700 battery in China that can pass the same extreme safety test at the same time.

Cham Battery has been deeply involved in the cylindrical lithium-ion battery industry for 20 years. It is incubated by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the first company in China to mass-produce cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, and has achieved 6 capacity breakthroughs in 18650 cylindrical batteries. In recent years, the company has a number of material routes and core technology reserves for manufacturing processes in large cylindrical battery products such as 21700, 32140 and 4680, and combined with other advantageous technologies such as the most cutting-edge solid-state battery material system. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Cham Battery, 21700 high-safety quasi-solid-state lithium-ion battery products were developed and launched. According to the data, as early as 2016, Cham Battery mass-produced the 21700 battery with high nickel system, and this quasi-solid cylindrical battery is an iterative version based on its years of manufacturing experience and progress in electrochemical materials, with a capacity of up to 6000mAh.