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Kai-Fu Lee: I personally organized Project AI 2.0, not only to do the Chinese version of ChatGPT

Source: Leidi (touchweb)


According to report on March 19 by Leidi (touchweb), Kai-fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, said today that he is personally organizing Project AI 2.0, and dedicated to build a global company with a new AI 2.0 platform and AI-first productivity applications.

This is an innovative company driven by technological vision and with excellent Chinese engineering heritage. It calls on world-class talents from all over the world to join Sinovation Ventures to build this world-class company.

“Project AI 2.0 is not just about doing the Chinese version of ChatGPT. I think that AI 2.0 is not just a high-energy chat tool, nor is it just the AIGC generation of graphic and text creation. Co-pilot and the applications seen today are just the beginning of AI 2.0 capabilities. Project AI 2.0 is the seventh company incubated at the top of Sinovation Ventures. At the same time, we are also actively looking for investment opportunities related to AI 2.0 technology and applications to accelerate the creation of a new entrepreneurial ecosystem for AI 2.0. For the future of AI 2.0, we have more and more big imagination.”

Kai-fu Lee said that the funds and computing power of Project AI 2.0 have been in place one after another, and the options of the new company are absolutely dominated by the new team. Top talents recommend themselves.

Li Kaifu said that the funds and computing power of Project AI 2.0 have been in place one after another. The new company option allocation is absolutely dominated by the new team. The first batch of top talents in the fields of large models, multimodality, NLP, AI algorithm engineering and research, distributed computing/Infrastructure, etc. are called by recommendation and self-recommendation.

Kai-fu Lee also posted two yellowed pictures, from Kai-fu Lee’s 1983 application letter submitted to CMU Ph.D. – “Artificial Intelligence is the elucidation of human learning process, the quantification of human thinking process, the explication of human behavior, and the understanding of what makes intelligence possible. It is men’s final step to understand themselves, and I hope to take part in this new, but most promising science.”

Kai-fu Lee said that 40 years after writing this passage, he continues to roll up his sleeves.