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Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce brand has made outstanding achievements in entering the Southeast Asian market

Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce brand has made outstanding achievements in entering the Southeast Asian market

Source: China News-Shanghai


According to news on March 21 by China News-Shanghai, Lazada, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has delivered impressive results in the Southeast Asian market.

The China News-Shanghai reporter learned on the 21st that recently, Vietnam’s 2022 annual Tech Awards (Tech Awards 2022) were announced. With the votes of many Vietnamese consumers and technology experts from the judging committee, Lazada was rated as “The Best E-Commerce Platform of the Year”.

With differentiated advantages in technology and user experience, Lazada is deeply loved by local users and consumers in Vietnam. 2022 is also the tenth year of Lazada’s operation in Vietnam. Around the three pillars of technology, logistics and employees, Lazada continues to improve the sustainable e-commerce ecosystem. In 2022, the average growth rate of Vietnam’s e-commerce industry reached 20%.

Vietnam Tech Awards 2022, issued by Vietnam’s largest online media VNExpress, aims to recognize the most popular technological innovations and brands across Vietnam. It has been held every year since 2012. At the beginning of last year, in the Tech Awards 2021 selection, with the votes of more than 130,000 consumers and technology experts from the jury, Lazada finally won the “Best E-Commerce Platform of the Year” with a score of 8.57 (out of 10).

Lazada has been operating in Vietnam for more than ten years. In order to get closer to the market and users, Lazada has insisted on long-term investment in technology, logistics and manpower, bringing unprecedented online shopping fun to Vietnamese consumers, and has established a deep relationship with local Vietnamese consumers. Emotional connection, has consistently maintained good performance and steady growth over the years.

As the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has obvious competitive advantages in differentiation. Data show that in January this year, Lazada Thailand had 48.2 million website visits, higher than Shopee Thailand’s 38.1 million, ranking first in the e-commerce rankings. Lazada.co.th ranks 7th and Shopee.co.th ranks 10th among the most visited websites in Thailand.

Lazada is currently developing in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and has successfully connected 160 million active consumers with more than 1 million active merchants every month. Lazada’s vision is to achieve 100 billion US dollars in GMV, serve more than 300 million Southeast Asian users by 2030, and become the best choice for brands and merchants to achieve digitalization.