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Xpeng reported auto media feedbacks: It is said that the new P7i is very smart, let’s see how capable it is?

On March 21, Xpeng reported feedbacks of professional auto media on P7i in a post titled “It is said that the new P7i is very smart, let’s see how capable it is?”


All-round intelligence makes the new P7i full of fun to drive

Super smart coupe – Xpeng new P7i

Joint professional auto media again today

Share the measured performance of the new generation of smart driving benchmarks

Let’s appreciate the smart charm of the new P7i


In 2023, what qualities should a good smart car have?

The media @张康康:

–With the support of lidar, Xpeng’s new P7i has been fully upgraded in hardware

“Chip computing power: the highest two Orin-X chips have achieved 508TOPS computing power.”

“Lidar: Equipped with two 126-equivalent laser radars, the dual-radar visibility reaches 182°. Different from the solution arranged on the roof, the new P7i hides the lidar in the headlights. On the one hand, it is more beautiful, and on the other hand, it is more sensitive to the detection of nearby pedestrians, bicycles and other objects in urban NGP.”

–Intelligent algorithms lead the way and are the first to get rid of dependence on high-precision maps

“In the past two years, Xpeng has achieved reborn progress in intelligent algorithms, and has the ability to deploy a new generation of perception architecture XNet (Next-generation perception architecture), especially on BEV and transformer.”

“The so-called BEV can uniformly represent information under different perspectives and dimensions (3D lidar, 2D camera); The second is to solve the occlusion problem of objects without images, so as to generate 360° environmental perception results in real time, and get rid of the dependence on high-precision maps.”

“Xpeng reduced the computing power requirement of Dynamic XNet’s Transformer deployment from Orin-X’s 122% to 9% through optimization iterations.”

“That is to realize the XNGP system: full-scenario assisted driving from highways to cities, from residential roads to parking garages.”


Xpeng new P7i City NGP intelligent assisted driving, challenging all road conditions in Guangzhou!

The media @电动知识:

City NGP Experience

–Quickly identify traffic lights and effectively avoid passing vehicles

“The construction section is complicated, and the new P7i has shown good traffic capacity here.”

–Identify the road conditions ahead and complete autonomous lane changes safely

“In the congested bridge area ramp, the new P7i continuously fine-tunes to avoid social vehicles, and then completes the main road merge at the end of the ramp.”

“Under congested road conditions, the new P7i can identify the best lane in advance and complete autonomous lane changes very well.”

–Super perceptual ability without fear of blind spots

“Facing the visual blind spot, the new P7i quickly identified the vehicles in the roundabout many times through its perception ability, and finally completed the braking to avoid danger.”

–Continuous lane changes in complex road conditions, decisive and smooth

“After entering the main road, precise game play and continuous lane changes are done in one go, fast and smooth, with the feeling of an experienced driver driving.”

–Follow the car, yield, detour, and avoid free switching, the new P7i can see far enough

“In the face of retrograde electric vehicles, mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and vehicle congestion, the new P7i can sense in advance, reasonably avoid, fine-tune the direction, stop and wait or follow the vehicle in front.”

“While waiting for a red light or pedestrians to pass on the zebra crossing, the new P7i slides to the stop line and brakes lightly. This feeling is excellent, and it also reflects that the new P7i “sees far enough.”

“The CNGP of the new P7i has excellent perception, planning, gaming and decision-making capabilities in the face of complex road conditions.”


Smart driving report|Not only the amazingness of “no map”!
In-depth experience of Xpeng brand new P7i brand new XNGP

The media @新旅行:

The accuracy of information reconstruction and restoration is high, and the stability of map building is super strong

“SR supports more than 8 lane line rendering capabilities, curvature, virtual and solid lines, zebra crossings, stop lines, etc. can be accurately identified, and basic information reconstruction and restoration are accurate. Dynamically, the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians can be accurately identified and reflected on the SR.”


Xpeng’s new P7i City NGP first test!

The media @有车报告:


–People can’t see, but SR can “see”

“The XNet visual perception system has super real-time mapping capabilities.”

–Changing lanes resolutely, the new P7i’s lane-changing game operation is “experienced.”

“When there are other vehicles competing with the P7i, it will not immediately turn back to the original lane, but press the dotted line, maintain the state of preparing to grab the lane or avoid it, and then adjust according to the actual road conditions. When there is no vehicle behind, it will change lanes decisively, and the game of changing lanes is smarter, firmer and safer.”


Xpeng new P7i has been fully upgraded, can it counterattack?

The media @科技小新:

–Full scene voice 2.0 is more intuitive, more humanized, and no longer mechanical

“The full- scene voice 2.0 system on the new P7i opens up a new way of voice interaction, and the user opens the “full-time dialogue” before using it. With stronger computing power, the voice assistant not only responds faster, but also supports multi-person dialogue and multi-sound continuous dialogue. Xpeng’s full-scene voice 2.0 is stronger in terms of response speed, response method and voice ability.”

–NGP does not need to pay separately and can continue to evolve
“Xpeng now does not need to pay for the highway NGP or urban NGP, as long as the model supports it, it can be used. From this point of view, Xpeng is still very competitive in assisted driving. And in the future, the system OTA will continue to improve the ability of the vehicle’s assisted driving software and open up more functions.”

–Comprehensively strengthened hardware and software, the overall performance belongs to the first echelon of the smart car market

“Xpeng new P7i relies on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 computing power platform, the Nvidia Orin-X chip and the blessing of lidar, and the hardware level has been greatly improved. In terms of software, it is also equipped with a new generation of intelligent assisted driving system XNGP and the industry’s first full-scene voice 2.0, which brings users a more intelligent, safe and humanized travel experience. The overall performance belongs to the first echelon of the smart car market.”

*Please obey the traffic laws and drive carefully. The XNGP intelligent driving assistance system is only a driving assistance function. Please observe the road conditions in real time to avoid dangerous situations.