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GaodeMap and Koubei officially merged, and Alibaba’s local store business will be consolidated and expanded

Source: Red Star News



It is learned on March 23 from Red Star News that on March 22, Gaode (GaodeMap; formerly AutoNavi acquired by Alibaba) held an internal meeting, announcing the official merger with Koubei of Ali Local Life. In the future, all the local life-to-store businesses under Ali will be unified and integrated into Gaode.

On March 23, the person in charge of Gaode told the reporter, that as an “open service platform for a better life when you go out”, Gaode has been committed to providing users with “everywhere familiar” destination services. The addition of the new team will help us provide better destination services for users and ecological partners.

Regarding the merger of Gaode and Koubei, Yu Yongfu, CEO of Ali’s local life service company and chairman of Gaode Group, said that organizational adjustment is only a means, and the purpose is business development. Everyone should work together to do a good job in store business. In the next quarter, the two teams of Gaode and Koubei will work together to explore how to integrate.

At present, in addition to basic functions such as map navigation and taxi-hailing, the Gaode Maps APP also integrates various daily life functions such as food, hotels, travel, leisure and entertainment, refueling, and grabbing train tickets. In February this year, Gaode’s integrated travel service platform was officially released, accessing a full range of urban and intercity travel services.

Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba, said at the financial report performance meeting that Gaode has successfully moved from a map tool to a map-based destination service platform with a complete link of “search, discovery, transaction, and contract fulfillment”.