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NIO reported the specifics for the first NIO House opening in Netherlands

On March 24, NIO reported that on March 23, local time, under the expectation of everyone, we ushered in the official opening of NIO Center|Rotterdam, Netherlands, and more wonderful stories will be written here.


NIO Center|Rotterdam, the Netherlands is located in the very bustling central district of Rotterdam Centrum, surrounded by not only high-end clothing brand stores and many fashion concept stores, but also famous local buildings with novel and different shapes standing nearby. Like: “The most beautiful arched market in the world” the Arcade Market (Markthal), the Rotterdam Building (De Rotterdam) known as the “Magic Cube” and the prestigious Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum Public Art Warehouse (Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen) are available for visit.

Inspired by Rotterdam’s urban spirit of “Creating Infinite Possibilities” and its pursuit of a comfortable green life, the overall design of NIO Center|Rotterdam, the Netherlands is integrated into the local port culture, presenting a unique style of openness, tolerance, diversity and self-exploration.

Walking along the city streets into the warm and bright NIO Center, the white gradient background under the beige lights reflects the pure feeling of the Gallery area, three-dimensionally showing the elegant and powerful images of NIO ET7, EL7, and ET5, where users can personally experience a better understanding of NIO’s cutting-edge technology.

This time, during the design process of our NIO Center|Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the light color gradient transitions between the Gallery area and the Club area through the ceiling, and there is no obvious distinction between the intervals, thereby creating an open and friendly atmosphere. In the exclusive activity area for users, a long wooden table comes into view, where everyone can communicate with each other, and the space also has certain flexibility, and rich user activities can also be held in this area.

On the left is the NIO Life area, where the exquisite products displayed are our interpretation of a pleasant lifestyle. Whether it is home life or exploring the outdoors, you can find corresponding surprises here.

Walk along the corridor into the brightly colored Joy Camp area, where users and friends can enjoy playing and creating. Next to it is the Chamber area with red as the main tone. In such a warm space full of enthusiasm and privacy, users can hold meetings and discuss or gather with friends.

From the Chamber area, you will enter the vibrant Living Room area, where comfortable sofas are placed for everyone to rest and relax for a while. Going forward, you come to the open café area. A specially placed long sliding table makes the whole space more flexible. Users and friends can enjoy the beautiful street view outside the window and have a special drink with a special flavor of Niuwu : Dutch Courage, starting the happy hour.

Spices have been the city’s signature label for centuries. Rotterdam NIO House Special Drink: Dutch Courage takes spices as the main inspiration and blends 15 different local ingredients for seasoning. The distinctive flavor and soft and clean taste are ingeniously combined to inspire more inspiration.

On the opening day, we invited many users and friends to witness the wonderful opening of the NIO Center|Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We not only introduced the NIO brand, led everyone to visit this brand new NIO Center, but also invited famous local musicians Mr. Miyagi giving us a wonderful live music performance, and everyone spent a good time together in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the future, at NIO Center|Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we will continue to bring more exciting activities to local users, so that everyone can learn more about NIO. Hope we can share joy, grow together, and explore more new experiences in this pleasant lifestyle community.