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Xpeng to launch XNGP full-scenario extreme challenge trip on March 26 – using XNGP throughout, including urban NGP, highway NGP and latest no-map capability, passing through many cities in China

On March 22, Xpeng released a post for XNGP introduction and announcement of XNGP full-scenario extreme challenge to be launched on March 26.




Together with XNGP, come and go on a “travel”!
Mission X 2023
XNGP Full-scenario Extreme Challenge


Do you believe that autonomous driving will come into reality?

Do you think someday AI will be better at driving than humans?

No matter what the answer is in your mind, before the unmanned driving, you might as well learn about the top configuration of intelligent assisted driving – XNGP.


What is XNGP?

It is a new generation of intelligent assisted driving system launched by Xpeng after XPILOT

Equipped by Xpeng G9 and new P7i MAX version as the standard configurations

Able to realize intelligent assisted driving in full-scenario

Its ultimate product form is a high-level intelligent assisted driving that can be used throughout the whole trip from the starting parking space to the ending parking space after the user initiates navigation based on the ordinary map


What is the trick of XNGP?

Equipped with XNet deep visual perception neural network

XNGP having the ability of “heavy perception but light map”

Based on the first domestic mass-produced BEV (bird’s eye view) and real lane recognition

Having the strongest domestic dynamic element recognition and other exclusive capabilities

Evolving the second generation of environmental simulation display

Putting the real world into the car instrument

Letting users always have a 360° “God’s perspective”!


What can XNGP do for you?

Owning XNGP is equivalent to having an AI driver anytime, anywhere!

At this stage, in the area covered by the high-precision map, it can realize urban NGP/highway NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving.

In areas without maps across the country, it has the enhanced version of LCC lane centering assistance, the ability to recognize start and stop at straight traffic lights, and bypass obstacles, etc.


Relying on the fully closed-loop, self-growing AI and data system, in the second half of 2023, it will also evolve the ability to automatically change lanes, overtake, and turn left and right in areas without maps.

In 2024, it will be uninterrupted from the parking space to the parking space during the whole trip, seamlessly connecting cities, highways, parking lots, and other scenes.

And the driving level can match or even surpass human drivers!

(31 pieces of whole vehicle perception hardware)


In order to welcome the mass production release of the first phase of XNGP (soon to be released), we decided to take a “travel”!

On March 26, the XNGP full-scenario extreme challenge will officially start!

The trip will use XNGP throughout, including urban NGP, highway NGP and the latest no-map capability, passing through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Shanghai and other cities.

Launch an immersive full-scenario assisted driving challenge!


There are more surprise bonuses in this journey!

Since its launch in January 2021, the highway NGP has quickly become “explosive item” and has become popular in Xpeng friend circles, with a monthly user penetration rate of about 80%.

A new generation of highway NGP (internal beta version) will also make its debut.

Let us wait and see whether it’s “energy value” will explode~


In the industry, XNGP has the “lone-standing-out” strong strength, and there is a technology generation gap with other assisted driving products.

When it continues to unlock new capabilities and generalize to the whole country, intelligent assisted driving is not only “safe, usable and easy to use”, but also allows more and more users to “love to use”!

XNGP full-scenario extreme challenge, stay tuned!