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BYD Electronics: The company is the main supplier of Huawei P60 mobile phone back cover with anti-fingerprint properties

On March 24, according to IT Home, BYD Electronics stated today that as the main supplier of the back cover of Huawei P60 mobile phone, BYD Electronics assisted Huawei in creating the industry’s first feather sand glass process, “feeling as soft and delicate as feathers, and visually as bright and clear as diamonds with shimmering light. It has leading anti-fingerprint properties.”


At the Huawei Spring New Product Launch Conference held yesterday, the Huawei P60 series officially debuted. The Huawei P60 series continues the design philosophy of the P series, adopting a classic camera layout with a new exquisite four-curved screen.

At the press conference, Huawei also released a new generation of folding screen mobile phone – Mate X3. BYD Electronics calls it the design concept of presenting products. BYD Electronics has spared no effort in the creation of Mate X3’s ultra-thin metal middle frame and glare glass back cover.

According to reports, BYD Electronics uses aviation-grade wing aluminum to create the lightest and thinnest folding device middle frame in the industry. The overall wall thickness of the middle frame is 0.3mm, and the weight of the two middle frame parts is only 38g, which is equivalent to the weight of an ordinary middle frame, making the folding screen truly extremely thin and light.

BYD Electronics pointed out that the Mate X3 is Huawei’s first folding device that meets waterproof requirements. The flatness and airtightness requirements are much higher than ordinary middle frames. BYD Electronics has repeatedly tested and verified the product to ensure the product’s strength, toughness and reliability, to meet the IPX8 waterproof difficulty of the product.

It is learned from BYD Electronics that the glass back cover of Mate X3 is also made of feather sand glass technology, which presents an ambilight effect from multiple angles. The BYD Electronics development team immediately formulated a verification plan for product characteristics, using the evaporation coating solution to successfully tackle color and performance.