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Xpeng joins hands with Buidu’s intelligent technology brand Xiaodu to promote the intelligent development of in-vehicle systems

On March 24, according to Qiche Hen Shishang (Car Is Stylish), Xpeng recently announced that it will cooperate with Xiaodu, a smart technology brand, to promote the intelligent development of vehicle systems, so as to better improve the performance and user experience of cars.


With the gradual development of artificial intelligence technology, smart cars have become one of the trends in the automotive industry.

It is reported that Xiaodu was established in 2017 and is a smart technology brand under Baidu Group. Xiaodu’s smart home equipment, smart speakers and other products are very popular in the market. The cooperation between Xpeng and Xiaodu aims to promote the application of automotive intelligent technology and provide users with a more convenient, intelligent and efficient car driving experience.

He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng, said, “Xiaodu has profound accumulation of AI technology and rich experience in application scenarios, and it is very complementary to Xpeng’ Omnipilot autonomous driving system. The cooperation will bring us more innovative technologies and intelligent application scenarios, and will also greatly improve the intelligent level of Xpeng.”

The cooperation between Xiaodu and Xpeng will not only apply intelligent technology to the automotive industry, but will also bring more forward-looking innovations. It is reported that the two parties will jointly develop a variety of new intelligent applications such as in-vehicle voice assistants and in-vehicle smart speakers, and provide users with a more natural and intelligent driving experience through intelligent interactions.

With the continuous development of future technology, the intelligentization of automobiles will become an irreversible trend. Such cooperation is not only beneficial to the development of the automobile industry, but also accelerates the application and promotion of intelligent technology in more fields, laying a more solid foundation for the construction of smart cities in the future.