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The new P7i started first delivery simultaneously in seven tier-1 cities

On March 25, Xpeng reported the new P7i first delivery in seven tier-1 cities and the related delivery events.



The new P7i started delivery simultaneously in seven cities


Recently, Xpeng held the first delivery events of the new P7i in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities

At the same time, other cities across the country have started delivery

Have been waiting for “7” for a long time, come for “i”

The new P7i is going to the Xpeng friends with two-way










“Very happy, I chose the brand new P7i”

How do car owners feel about the new P7i?

Let’s take a look together!


It has everything I want
Brand new P7i 702 Max owner @BibiPeng

“The dream of owning the car has come true! Dynaudio speakers, ambient lights, car keys… are really worth your call for extra points! Every step of the process is very clear and explained! Praise again the two staff members who have assisted me. They respond to me within 10 minutes anytime, anywhere!”

Both internal and external, very attractive to me
The owner of the new P7i 702 Max @杨娘女

“The new P7i is a car with a soul core, XNGP is very attractive to me.
Moreover, the driving experience is not inferior to more expensive and higher-level models. From the outside to the inside, I like the P7i very much.
From the test drive, car purchase to delivery, I am overall very satisfied.”


Impressed by the sense of technology
The owner of the new P7i 7O2 Max @柿子

“I approve of the new color after the upgraded version, the interstellar green is very low-key and retro. Xpeng’s intelligent assisted driving is like having a coach accompany me and help me see the road, which makes me feel more at ease and confident. In the process of understanding this car, I was gradually moved by Xpeng’s sense of technology.”


Can see it with your heart, praise the experience

Brand new P7i 702 Pro owner @小路

“Today’s car pick-up ceremony was really thoughtful, and the sense of ritual experience is very strong! I would like to praise my delivery specialist for being very attentive and responsible. When delivering the car, he went all the way to solve my problems and explain the functions of the car to me carefully, letting me quickly master some interesting functions of the car.”