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Alibaba signed cooperation agreement to help Hangzhou’s rural revitalization through digitalization

Source: Zhejiang Daily




On March 24, Hangzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau (Hangzhou Rural Revitalization Bureau) signed a cooperation framework agreement with Alibaba (China) Software Co., Ltd. to help rural revitalization through digitalization.

What will Alibaba bring to rural Hangzhou? Digital empowerment is definitely the first. According to the agreement, driven by Alibaba, digital technology will be widely used in the vast rural areas of Hangzhou to make the industry smarter and the villages smarter, so as to increase farmers’ income and build Chinese-style modern villages.

For example, Hangzhou will explore pilot unmanned farms, carry out digital field construction through the whole process of production data collection, aggregation, processing, and analysis, and create an efficient ecological agriculture demonstration park; develop a characteristic industrial brain based on the entire industrial chain, and run through the entire chain of agricultural research and development, seedlings, production, processing, storage and transportation, sales, branding, experience, consumption, and services.

With the help of Alibaba’s own resource advantages, Hangzhou will cooperate with it to build a batch of agricultural product cold chain storage infrastructure (local warehouses), and expand the online and offline sales channels of agricultural products. That is to say, in the future, on Tmall or Taobao, more and more Hangzhou brand agricultural products will be seen, and “Hema Village” will also bloom everywhere. With the strong support of Hema’s new retail platform channel, Hangzhou’s agricultural products will realize effective conversion of the entire link.

With respect to carrying out hierarchical and classified e-commerce, live broadcast and digital special training for agricultural practitioners, Alibaba will also integrate relevant course resources and establish a one-stop online learning platform to help students improve their concepts, broaden their horizons, improve their skills, and cultivate and develop agricultural products live broadcasting, walking broadcasting and other formats; explore the establishment of a “green-collar talent pool” for skilled talents urgently needed in agriculture and rural areas, and improve local employment and entrepreneurship.

In addition, on the 24th, “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Increase of Farmers’ Income in Western Regions and Efforts to Improve the Income Level of Farmers in the City (Draft for Comment)” was released. Hangzhou will focus on the 4 counties in mountainous areas (Chun’an County, Jiande City, Tonglu County, Lin’an District); make efforts to implement the “Four Increase Projects” of increasing industrial efficiency, increasing employment wages, increasing wealth through reform, and increasing vitality through assistance; and strive to increase the per capita disposable income of farmers in Hangzhou to 57,000 yuan by 2025.