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NIO Energy Partners Conference held – Join forces to build 1000 stations

NIO reported that on March 28, the NIO Energy Partners Conference was held in Haikou. More than 300 partners gathered in Haikou to discuss energy development.

NIO hopes to use this opportunity to further strengthen the partnership, strengthen the bond of cooperation, help achieve the Thousand Stations Plan in 2023, and lay a solid foundation for continued and long-term cooperation in the future.

First of all, Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, shared the development of the new energy vehicle industry. In 2022, the new energy penetration rate of passenger vehicles reached 27.6%, and the 2025 national new energy vehicle planning target will be completed three years ahead of schedule. At the same time, he also shared with you the recent development of NIO Power, and shared in detail the nine advantages of the battery swap model in terms of user experience, industry development, and social welfare with all partners on site.

NIO will increase investment in product research and development, and continue to carry out the construction and layout of charging and swapping facilities. This year, it is planned to add 1,000 new power stations and 10,000 charging piles. This is inseparable from the full support of our partners, and we will work together to serve a wider range of users.

The country’s first third-generation power station and 500kW ultra-fast charging station located in the Shangri-La Hotel in Haikou also meet you offline for the first time today. Taking this opportunity, Yang Chao, assistant vice president of NIO Energy, introduced the functions and technical highlights of NIO’s latest generation of charging and swapping products in detail to the partners present, and also allowed everyone to experience it offline for the first time.

The conference was held in Haikou, and we were honored to invite Chen Taifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hainan Provincial Communications Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. As a partner representative, he shared his views on the development prospects of the new energy vehicle industry in Hainan Province, and provided better input for NIO’s local layout and construction in Hainan.

In such a rare opportunity to get together,
Shen Fei, Senior Vice President of NIO Energy, and Zhong Dong, Director of Hainan New Energy Vehicle Promotion Center,
Wang Nanjun, Chairman of Hubei Chutian Intelligent Transportation Co., Ltd.,
Zhou Jinguang, Deputy Manager of New Energy Management Department and Safety Equipment Department of Sinopec Sales Company,
Huang Tao, deputy general manager of Hainan Province Charging and Swap Network Service Co., Ltd.,
the four partner representatives had an in-depth discussion on topics such as the development of new energy vehicles, energy transformation, and the construction of charging and swapping facilities. And will work together with NIO to provide users with a more convenient power-on experience.

Thanks again to our partners for their long-term help, firm companionship, and joining hands with NIO to achieve the goal of the Thousand Stations Plan for users, and satisfy the users’ station desires. NIO Power will continue to deploy and provide users with full-scenario power-up services, making power-up more convenient than refueling.