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2023 NIO ET7 exposed: a variety of new options added

It is learned on March 28 from IT Home that according to Xiaohongshu user @nio whose authentication information is displayed as “Senior Consultant of NIO”, NIO released a poster of “Overview of 2023 ET7 Product Changes.” This is expected to be the upcoming new ET7. Of course, final product changes are subject to official releases.


The poster shows:

2023 ET7 newly added options

– 2023 color of the year “Dawn Gold” (optional for all NT2 models)

– Trailer set

– N-Box

– Front windshield lower edge heating

Texture Improvement & Optimization

– Wireless charging panel power increase

– Seat experience optimization

– Chrome-plated ring decoration added to the center control panel

– Steering wheel lever styling optimization

– Soft covering on the lower side of the front and rear door panels

– Water cup limiter and bottom flocking process added to the door panel storage box

– Low-speed prompt sound optimization

– A Type-C interface added to the front armrest box

It is understood that the new ET7 version will be displayed at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

The new car is positioned as a mid-to-large flagship sedan, with a length of over 5 meters and a wheelbase of over 3 meters. The official guide price is 458,000 to 536,000 yuan.