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Xpeng: From the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta! XNGP Full-scenario Extreme Challenge Stunning Debut

On March 28, XPeng released a post titled “From the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta! XNGP Full-scenario Extreme Challenge Stunning Debut.”



Mission X 2023——XNGP full-scenario extreme challenge is in full swing!

On March 26, the first batch of “experience officers” set off from Guangzhou to experience urban NGP in Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively, and traveled through the two cities with a new generation of highway NGP built on the basis of urban technology architecture.

On March 27, the second batch of “experience officers” set off from Shenzhen. After experiencing urban NGP in Shenzhen, they “followed” the new generation of highway NGP to Huizhou, where they focused on experiencing the capabilities of XNGP in areas without maps.

The City NGP is as stable as ever, calmly avoiding pedestrians or non-motorized vehicles that “shoot out” at any time in the busy city of Guangzhou, and easily passing through the Shenzhen CBD where there is a traffic light every 200 meters.

Owning a City NGP is equivalent to having a reassuring AI driver, with just a good following distance, comfortable acceleration and deceleration control, and anthropomorphic lane changing awareness and actions. Your AI driver can relieve the fatigue of urban commuting with its strength.

The new generation of highway NGP has completely conquered all experience officers with an experience close to L4!

Its high traffic efficiency is its most eye-catching part. The consciousness and action of changing lanes and overtaking cars are not inferior to the experienced drivers. It is called “rush mode” by the experience officers. They jokingly called the “no takeover mode” activated! For Xpeng friends who often drive long distances, it is to have an AI driver that equals or even surpasses human drivers~

The new capabilities of XNGP in areas without maps are also eye-catching. The traffic light recognition response is fast, the start and stop are comfortable, and the cross-line detour ability improves traffic efficiency and expands usage scenarios.

Although it is only the initial release of XNGP capabilities, it clearly demonstrates the field performance of the “light map + heavy perception” route, and that the no-map capabilities will accelerate the evolution and feasibility of mass production and promotion across the country.

The journey of XNGP Full-scenarios Extreme Challenge is still going on!

On March 30th and March 31st, XNGP will perform in Hangzhou and Shanghai!

Do you think this is the end? Of course not!

On March 31, there will be a big event – XNGP intelligent driving assistance system technology sharing meeting!

At that time, Dr. Wu Xinzhou, vice president of autonomous driving of Xpeng, will bring the XNGP main creative team to a “round table party”, full of technical good stuff, stay tuned!