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NIO reported the specifics for the official opening of the first NIO House in Frankfurt, Germany

NIO reported that on March 30 local time, NIO ushered in the official opening of NIO Center|Frankfurt, Germany.

We invited many users and friends to witness the opening of the first NIO Center in this city and share this wonderful time together.


NIO Center|Frankfurt, Germany is located in the Innenstadt neighborhood, where the oldest building in the city, the Eschenheimer Turm, and the well-known local square garrison headquarters (Hauptwache) are located. The walls of the pure white building of NIO Center are in stark contrast with the black window frames, outlining a pure sense of modernity.

Pushing open the door of the NIO Center, you can see the iconic front face of a CloudDawnYellow ET5, behind which ET7 and EL7 are elegantly arranged left and right. Illuminated by bright dome lights, the simple and powerful unique style of these cars is more three-dimensionally presented in the pure and clean background.

In front of the whole floor-to-ceiling windows near the street, the Gallery displays our first concept car EVE and the EP9 of NIO track genes. The concept car EVE is based on the design concept of “second living room”, creating an unmanned driving mobile living space, so that users can fully enjoy the pleasant and free travel time. EP9, as the holder of the Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record for mass-produced cars, and the American lap record for unmanned driving, and its attempts to exceed the limit time after time have also attracted many people’s attention and awareness of the NIO brand.

In addition, we also set up a simple and pure small open chat area in the Gallery area. After browsing the show cars, if you still want to learn more about NIO’s brand and products, here is a comfortable and warm communication environment for Fellows to introduce our brand story and product details to new friends.

From the end of the corridor, you come to the quiet and private Forum area. The entire space is surrounded by deep blue, and the LED light strips surrounding the ceiling create an inspirational space. In the central area, there are many seats under a whole piece of flat ceiling light, and a huge LED screen is intimately set up on the wall, and users and friends can book meetings and communicate according to the situation.

From the Forum area, turn left along the corridor to enter the Community Chamber area. The transparent floor-to-ceiling glass doors and the light-colored and simple interior decoration make the whole space transparent. Such exquisite, compact and comfortable private spaces can be used for small meetings with friends of users, or gathering and chatting with friends here.


If you want to take a break, you can come to the open and warm Living Café, where there are soft sofas, decorated with cute spherical chandeliers and green plants, to build a comfortable space of vitality and freedom. Relax here for a moment of joy and chat. There is also a built-in bookshelf on the side wall, and a wealth of books can be borrowed by users and friends.

Going to the side of Living Café, there is an open and mysterious stair space hidden, and you walk into the blue starry universe, which is the Joy Camp area. On the dark blue ceiling, there are cloud-like woven chandeliers and many embedded small LED spotlights. There are many cute plush toys on the stairs, creating an imaginary world for children to explore the mysterious universe, where everyone can create to their heart’s content and explore the infinite possibilities of life.

Of course, the Living Café area also has our NIO Life exclusive product display area and NIO café bar. A series of NIO Life boutique products are ingeniously embedded in the gray-toned striped wall. The bar counter of NIO café is on the right. The warm-toned wooden round table is matched with chairs of the same color. Users can sit around here with friends, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the street corner outside the window, enjoy a lazy time and order a glass of Frankfurt NIO House Special Drink Skylime.

The modern skyscraper city and the long and classical old town show the unique style of the city of Frankfurt. So, NIO Center|Skylime, a city special drink in Frankfurt, Germany, is influenced by the unique local traditional food: Inspired by Green Sauce, a seasoning made from a mixture of seven herbs is specially added. The addition of agave syrup and lime juice makes this special drink fruity and unique. The clear turquoise also makes people feel like they are on the banks of the Main River under the blue sky. It is a piece of tranquil greenery in the bustling city life.

On the opening day, under the joint witness of users and friends, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening. In the joyful on-site event, we officially opened the pleasant local lifestyle in Frankfurt and felt the different splendor.

NIO Center|Frankfurt, Germany will also uphold the consistent tradition. After opening, we will also plan and hold many colorful user activities, such as seeds sharing, concerts, etc.

Look forward to gathering with local users and friends in this warm and pleasant space to share joy, grow together, and create more beautiful moments.