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Xpeng vice chairman & president Gu Hongdi delivered speech in 2023 Fortune Global Technology Forum | revealing this latest smart driving technology available to all car owners via OTA

Source: Ruijian Economy


It is learned on March 30 from Ruijian Economy that the 2023 Fortune Global Technology Forum is held in Guangzhou from March 30th to 31st. The theme is “New Standards: Change and Perseverance”. Vice Chairman and President Gu Hongdi attended and delivered a speech.

Gu Hongdi said that the field of electric vehicles has mainly focused on two aspects in the near future. One is how to solve the range anxiety problem.
In his view, to solve this problem, we should not focus on the development of batteries with longer cruising range, but how to develop efficient energy supplement technology and build infrastructure to facilitate the use of electric vehicles for users.

“Xpeng focuses on building a super charging network. Using high charging, fast charging, and ultra-fast charging greatly shortens the charging time. Through cooperation and building stations by ourselves, a wider charging network can be laid out, allowing users to reduce mileage anxiety.” He said.

On the other hand, Gu Hong talked about intelligent driving. He said that not only Xpeng is promoting intelligent driving, but many car manufacturers are also planning in the next two to three years. He said that high-level intelligent driving capabilities will gradually become standard equipment on new energy vehicles, enabling many people to have greater convenience in driving experience and usage methods and change household habits.

Gu Hongdi also said that a six-day “Autonomous Driving Extreme Challenge” event was launched this week, and Xpeng organized car owners to use the latest intelligent driving software technology.” In the three cities (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai) already covered by high-definition maps, we should give full play to the city’s NGP capabilities and use high-level assisted driving in urban scenes,” He said, “Most of the time, the car is in an autonomous driving state. As long as people are behind the steering wheel and ready to take over, we are the first company that can mass-produce this capability and push it to users.”

He also revealed, “This technology will be OTA to all users in a few days.”

In areas other than Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, Xpeng has introduced enhanced autonomous driving capabilities that do not rely on high-definition maps. “Enabling users to use the automatic driving capability that does not rely on high-precision maps in the scene of the highway or the scene of getting off the highway arterial road,” he said.

Gu Hong said that this is an opportunity to fully demonstrate end-to-end autonomous driving capabilities, “I am very happy that this challenge has been going on for almost four days. I saw many users (sharing) on Weibo. They used our software completely from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, without a single takeover. It can be used in highway scenes and urban scenes from Guangzhou to Shenzhen.”

Gu Hongdi also emphasized that although all the routes from Guangzhou to Shenzhen are handed over to autonomous driving, users still need to be ready to take over behind the steering wheel, “this is the requirement of the regulations.”

He also revealed that Xpeng’s goal is to seamlessly connect from city end to highway end in the second half or next year, including connecting autonomous parking scenes in the future, so as to make an end-to-end, seamless use of autonomous driving capabilities.

Talking about users’ acceptance of autonomous driving, Gu Hong said that there has been a very gratifying situation in the past two years. “Two years ago, we launched the highway NGP with a very high technical level. Although the penetration rate of users was very low at the beginning, after a period of stable education, especially after user habits and people around started using it, 60% of the driving mileage and driving time of the models with this technology are using this technology, so I think the acceptance of users is faster than we thought.”

Talking about the ultimate autonomous driving, Gu Hongdi said that there may be no steering wheel, but this technology will take a few years, and more importantly, the breakthrough of relevant regulations may take about five years. “In the meantime of the five years or so, the most realistic thing is the promotion of autonomous driving, from highway to urban end-to-end seamless connection.”