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Xpeng reported March deliveries | P7i bucked the trend and sold well, with strong orders

On April 1 2023, Xpeng reported the latest delivery results for March 2023.


In March 2023, Xpeng delivered 7,002 units, a month-on-month increase of 17%. With the launch of the star model P7i and the rapid start of delivery, a total of 3,030 P7 models were delivered in March, a month-on-month increase of 32%.

It is worth mentioning that after the launch of the P7i, word-of-mouth and topicality continued to rise, which drove the customer traffic flow and test drive volume of Xpeng stores to new highs recently. The P7i model bucked the trend and sold well, with strong orders. At present, Xpeng is actively increasing its supply capacity to meet the growing demand for orders.


Xpeng delivered 7,002 units in March
Including a total of 3,030 P7 models

The P7i was launched on March 10. At the same time, both the show cars and the test drive cars have arrived at the stores. Up to now, P7i has been delivered to many cities across the country including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and so on.

At the end of March, XNGP, the industry’s first full-scenario intelligent driving assistance system, has opened its first-stage capabilities to G9 and P7i Max users, and Xpeng’s P5 P series models have also opened City NGP in Shanghai simultaneously.

Next, Xpeng will accelerate the mass production application and iterative upgrade of intelligent assisted driving. It is expected that XNGP will reach its full form in 2024, realizing the assisted driving experience without breakpoints from parking space to parking space, and allowing more users enjoy the safe and efficient travel experience brought by high-level intelligent assisted driving.