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Xpeng: The first stage of XNGP capacity officially opened | Xmart OS 4.2.0 OTA released

On March 31, Xpeng announced the opening of the first stage of XNGP capacity and the release of Xmart OS 4.2.0 OTA.


Tonight, the first stage of XNGP capacity is officially opened

After upgrade to Xmart OS 4.2.0 through OTA by owners of Xpeng G9 and P7i, Max version can have the following experience:

City NGP newly opened to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai;

Enhanced version of LCC Lane Centering Assistance,

Newly added capabilities to start and stop at straight traffic lights and bypass obstacles across lines

The upgrade function of different versions of models is different, please refer to the description of the car for details.

In addition, the city NGP function of the Xpeng P5 P version will also be officially opened tonight in Shanghai.

We deleted the old map data and downloaded the Shanghai map for the P5 users who are in Shanghai recently.

If the vehicle has not actively performed the download, the user can manually operate it via the vehicle map management without OTA.

It is understood from Xpeng official information that Xpeng’s second-generation intelligent assisted driving system XNGP, based on China’s first and only mass-produced BEV perception: XNet Deep Visual Perception Neural Network. XNet performs multi-frame timing pre-integration on the data collected by multiple cameras, output 4D information of dynamic objects (vehicle speed/distance, etc.) and 3D information of static objects (lane line/road edge, etc.) from the perspective of BEV, realizes real-time generation of “high-precision maps” and 360-degree perception capabilities, and can also perform speed and prediction based on pure visual perception.