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NIO released EC7 promo: Elegance is Power | Lock-order open on April 10

On April 6, NIO released the EC7 promo post and announced that its lock-order and national test drive will start on April 10.



Every angle, every detail

Interpreting elegance to the extreme

This is NIO EC7

Smart electric flagship coupe SUV takes you to feel the power of elegance


“Stretch, dynamic and pure”
It is the ultimate pursuit of elegance


Straight-fall fastback curve gives EC7 an elegant soul

Long wheelbase and long rear overhang make the whole vehicle look more relaxed

While achieving optimal aerodynamic performance, build the same-class leading front and rear space experience

Elegant stretch, one step in place


The powerful high shoulder line is the golden ratio dividing line of the car side profile

The upper part stretches smoothly,

The lower part is ready to go

Having external expansion wheel bag and 22-inch wheels

Elegant and dynamic


The body abandons the decorative lines and is natural under the natural light and shadow

Flat side windows, hidden door handles, hidden turn signals… integrated into the
appearance and function of vehicle shape

Elegant and pure, extremely easy to use

“Avant-garde, fast and fierce”
It is the ultimate integration with technology

The first watchtower sensor layout

Perfectly blending with the elegant coupe SUV figure

33 high-performance perception hardware in the whole car

Integrated with the whole vehicle with the help of shape and color

Elegant and avant-garde, precise perception


EC7 comes standard with dual-mode active elevating rear spoiler

Homologous to the rear spoiler raised by the EP9 when galloping on the track

Unique mirrored wing shape, flat top and convex bottom

Combining dynamic appearance and aerodynamic performance

Elegant and fast, dashing against the wind


illumiBlade taillights as thin as 3mm

Integrating 280 independently controlled LED lights

Using ultra-red light technology, exquisite and eye-catching

Fine optical texture

Three-dimensional sculpture

Elegant and sharp, exquisite and neat


“Comfortable, Natural and Sophisticated”
The ultimate expression of vitality


Purely layered visual order builds an open and enveloping space

The smooth and integrated sports seats are light in shape

Large five-seat space layout suitable for both front and rear

Elegant and comfortable, free to stretch


1.94m2 super large panoramic glass canopy

Letting sunshine and scenery flow freely into the cockpit

The intelligent dimming panoramic canopy adopts black and gray neutral colors for the first time

Effectively blocking energy and keeping the original color of the scenery

Elegant and natural, transparent and open

Interior tone of pure elegance

Derived from the flexible interweaving of materials, textures and colors

Warm and delicate theme color metal decoration

Each piece of renewable vine wood is unique

Elegant and refined, pleasing to the eye

Integrating elegance into every experience with the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics and function

Elegance is Power

EC7 will arrive at the stores one after another this weekend

The national test drive will start on April 10

Immediately make an appointment online or consult the exclusive consultants of NIO to feel the power of elegance together