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Sales have won NO. 1 for three consecutive months, BYD leads the pure electric vehicle market in Thailand

On April 5, BYD reported that recently, data from the official website of AutoLife in Thailand showed that the number of BYD ATTO 3 registered in March reached 2,434 units, the third time in a row that it has won the top sales of pure electric vehicles in Thailand. In the first quarter, BYD ATTO 3 registered 5,542 units, accounting for 37.5% of the total number of pure electric vehicles registered in the first quarter, and continued to lead the pure electric passenger car market in Thailand.


BYD ATTO 3 ranked No. 1 for three consecutive months (Data source: AutoLife)

Since its launch in Thailand in October last year, BYD ATTO 3 has delivered an impressive report card. On the eve of the launch of the new car, many consumers queued up to order a car all night, which set off a BYD “buying wave”. From November 1st to December 12th, in just 42 days, BYD ATTO 3 won a total of 10,305 orders in Thailand. As of March 20, 2023, BYD has successfully delivered 11,539 BYD ATTO 3 units in Thailand.

At the recent Thailand Car of the Year Awards Ceremony, this model won the “Thailand’s Best Electric SUV Award” in 2023. BYD ATTO 3 has won the favor of Thai consumers with its unique rhythmic design, excellent driving performance and excellent product strength, bringing a better travel experience to the public.


At the just-concluded 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, BYD released the right-hand drive version of the Dolphin model for the first time, priced at 799,999 baht (about 160,000 yuan). Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD’s Asia-Pacific Auto Sales Department, said: “The Dolphin order vehicles received before April 30 will all arrive at the Thai port before July 1.” At present, BYD’s first overseas passenger car production base in Thailand has been put into construction, and it is expected to start production in 2024, which will meet the market demand of Thailand and neighboring ASEAN countries.

BYD brings a variety of models to the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show

With the deepening of overseas business layout, BYD will continue to adhere to the development concept of “technology is king and innovation is the foundation”, and will continue to carry out localization and deep cultivation with excellent partners, and continuously enrich the overseas product matrix, and satisfy people’s yearning for a better life with technological innovation.