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NIO’s 1,100km range semi-solid battery mass production exposed


It is learned on April 8 from Qichang Auto APP that NIO’s semi-solid battery is in mass production.

In January 2021, on the annual NIO DAY, with the release of ET7, NIO officially announced the 150kWh semi-solid battery pack. Because of the launch of the semi-solid battery pack, NIO also stood at the “highest point” of the industry topic at that time.

Today, more than two years have passed since the announcement of semi-solid battery, and NIO’s semi-solid batteries finally is coming.

On April 4, the “Economic Half-hour” column of CCTV Financial Channel interviewed Huzhou Weilan Technology; When it comes to Weilan Technology, many people may not be familiar with it. Weilan Technology is NIO’s semi-solid battery partner.

Well, in this interview with Weilan Technology, many users who are concerned about NIO must also want to know when the semi-solid battery announced by NIO in early 2021 will be mass-produced. After all, many users are concerned about how the debut of semi-solid batteries may affect the second half of electric vehicle competition.

According to the person in charge of the program, the 150kWh semi-solid-state battery has entered the mass production stage, and the goal in 2023 is to mass produce “1,000 battery packs”. NIO vehicles equipped with 150kWh battery packs can have a battery range of more than 1,100km.

In the recent EV100 Forum, Li Hongjin, the founder of Weilan, said that the 150kWh semi-solid battery uses a solid-liquid hybrid electrolyte, and its energy density can reach 360Wh/kg, which is a very large increase compared with the mainstream ternary lithium battery in the current industry.