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BYD Seal won the highest honor “Judging Committee Award” at the 3rd CCTV China Automotive Awards

According to BYD, on April 7, CCTV’s third “China Automobile Grand Ceremony” came to a perfect conclusion. Ocean Series model BYD Seal won the highest award “Judging Committee Award” and became the biggest winner of this “Grand Ceremony”. This award is not only a high recognition of BYD Seal, but also an authoritative hard-core endorsement comparable to a buying guide.


This “Grand Ceremony” is sponsored by CCTV, planned by the Financial Program Center, and jointly with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Technology Research Center, China Automobile Dealers Association, China Society of Automotive Engineers and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch to evaluate the participating models undergo rigorous selection.

The aim is to select annual models that are targeted at the Chinese market, recognized by consumers, have market guidance, and reflect future trends. BYD Seal went all the way, stood out from many participating models, and won the highest honor. The judging committee commented that Seal is “a masterpiece of rational technology and emotional care.”



Subversive innovation of CTB technology to achieve industry leadership

As the world’s first mass-produced car equipped with CTB battery-body integration technology, Seal is not only BYD’s practical exploration of next-generation electric vehicles, but also the realization of its innovative technology in products. It is BYD’s masterpiece in the field of advanced electric vehicle technology.

BYD’s engineers drew inspiration from honeycomb aluminum, allowing the high-safety, high-strength “blade battery” to be deeply integrated into the vehicle structure. While taking into account the energy density of the system, CTB technology endows the body with higher structural strength and lighter weight, to significantly improve the dynamic performance and safety performance of the vehicle, and build “hit-break prevention” electric vehicles, letting the upper limit of fuel vehicles become the lower limit of electric vehicles!

The CTB technology first adopted by the Seal is a subversive innovation in the body structure of pure electric vehicles, which fully proves BYD’s systematic and all-round collaborative innovation capabilities, and realizes the leap of Chinese brands from follow-up innovation to leading innovation.



Blessed by the “Four First”, the hard core strength helps the Seal break through upwards

As the masterpiece of e-platform 3.0, SEAL has achieved new breakthroughs in terms of safety, handling, efficiency and aesthetics. The blessings of rear-wheel drive/four-wheel drive architecture, front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension, and iTAC intelligent torque control technology endow this “driver’s car” in the new energy era with stronger performance.

On the premise of ensuring the vertical space in the car and the ground clearance of the whole vehicle, Seal has a more low-profile and dynamic body posture. Coupled with its 50:50 golden axle-to-load ratio, low center of mass, and low moment of inertia, during curving, not only the rear of the car moves faster, but also the body posture is more stable, which is not only easier to drive, but also more fun. The iTAC intelligent torque control system equipped with the 650km four-wheel drive performance version allows ordinary users to experience the driving experience of professional drivers.



The solid and reliable technology allows the Seal to truly “not hesitate in winter and not panic in normal times”

All Seal series are equipped with super safe “blade batteries”, the world’s first deeply integrated eight-in-one electric powertrain, and all series are equipped with standard heat pump systems, combined with battery pack refrigerant direct cooling and direct heating technology. The energy consumption of the system is lower, and the battery range in winter is more guaranteed. Seal provides two fast charging systems of 110kW and 150kW. The industry’s first high-voltage electric drive boost charging technology not only has good compatibility, but also has more reliable working performance and faster charging speed.


The solid and reliable technology allows the Seal to truly “not hesitate in winter and not panic in normal times”. In the previous “2022 Dongchedi New Energy Winter Test” activity, Seal withstood the test of the low temperature and harsh environment in the north. It performed excellently in many tests, including the air conditioner, battery and other systems, and there was no abnormality, and the product reliability has been effectively verified. In January this year, with a comprehensive score rate of 88.6%, Seal was awarded the C-NCAP five-star safety evaluation, ranking among the top of the list of “new version of C-NCAP” test models.


Based on the technical advantages of the e-platform 3.0, BYD Seal has solved the pain points of new energy vehicle users in a targeted manner. Three power options and four configuration versions cover various car usage scenarios of users, and through hard-core product strength and excellent product experience, it has won the recognition of many users. As of the end of March, the cumulative sales of BYD Seals have exceeded 70,000 vehicles, making it a “powerful player” in the hearts of many consumers.