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BYD released the YunNian system, taking industry leading position in intelligent body control

Source: BYD


According to BYD, on April 10, BYD released a new energy exclusive intelligent body control system – YunNian (CloudChariot). The YunNian intelligent body control system is self-developed by BYD’s full stack, which also marks that BYD has become a Chinese car company that can independently master the intelligent body control system.

The YunNian product matrix includes YunNian-C, YunNian-A, YunNian-P and other products, which will greatly improve the driving experience of consumers from the dimensions of comfort, control, safety, and off-road.


YunNian – Chinese own body control system

“YunNian” comes from the “Book of Wei”, and the name is inspired by the ancient Chinese emperor’s car “chariot”. “Yun” (“Cloud”) symbolizes the use of intelligent technology to create a lighter and smoother driving experience. Originating from the pursuit of travel in ancient times and integrating contemporary advanced technology, “YunNian” (“CloudChariot”) brings “new Chinese luxury”.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Group, said: “The birth of the YunNian has rewritten the history of relying on foreign countries for body control technology, filled the domestic technological gap, and achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. On the other hand, the ‘YunNian’ surpassed the technical level of foreign countries, took the leading position in the industry as soon as it debuted, and completed the upgrade from 1 to 2.”


Systematic solution to vehicle body control issues
Reshape the new experience of smart luxury

The industry’s current research on the vertical direction control of the car body mainly starts with a single technology or a single hardware. BYD is the first to come up with a systematic solution for the vertical direction of the vehicle, plugging in the wings of electrification and intelligence for the vertical control of the vehicle body.

The YunNian-C intelligent damping body control system realizes the compatibility of vehicle comfort and sportiness;
YunNian-A intelligent air body control system enables the vehicle to have a higher level of comfort, support and passability, setting a new benchmark for luxury and comfort;
YunNian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system can realize super-high off-road functions such as super-high lift, four-wheel linkage, camping leveling, etc., creating a new model of global luxury off-road;
YunNian-P will be first equipped on Yangwang U8;
YunNian-A will be first equipped on Denza N7;
The YunNian-C hardware has been installed on some configuration versions of BYD Han, Tang and Denza D9 models, and will be upgraded to the YunNian-C system through OTA in the future.


For the peace of mind of users, BYD will carry out safety to the end 

The launch of the YunNian is another safety technology breakthrough by BYD after the blade battery, CTB, and Yisifang (e4).

The YunNian starts from the systematic control of the vertical direction of the whole vehicle to achieve enhanced safety. The YunNian can effectively suppress the change of the body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover, and reduce the displacement of the driver and passengers. At the same time, the YunNian system can effectively protect the vehicle body in complex road conditions such as snow, mud, and water, avoid vehicle collision damage caused by terrain, improve driving comfort and safety, and achieve double protection for people and vehicles.



“Super technology” creates a unique experience

At the end of the press conference, YunNian-X made a big debut. Yangwang U9, equipped with YunNian-X technology, demonstrates the fully active body control technology, which can realize high-level functions such as “0” roll, “0” pitch, three-wheel driving, vehicle dancing and take-off on the spot, etc., representing the leading level of the global body control system. BYD once again created a precedent in the industry, leading the development of body control technology.

One small step for body control, one giant step for comfortable travel.

The YunNian intelligent body control system is a super technology that combines both driving experience and safety. It will bring subversive improvements to the driving experience with its technical advantages of high intelligence, safety protection, stable driving and full coverage. The YunNian system will be successively installed on Dynasty and Ocean’s flagship models, Denza, Yangwang and professional personalized brands, empowering the upgrade of BYD’s entire brands and promoting the development of luxury cars in the new energy era.


As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD has always adhered to the development concept of “technology is king and innovation is the foundation”, and has continued to innovate in the deep water area of technological development, promote the development of China’s new energy vehicles to a higher level, and satisfy people’s yearning for a better life with technological innovation.