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NIO released NOP+ charging policy, and rights and interests of new car buyers

On April 9, NIO released NOP+ charging policy, and rights and interests of new car buyers.

As of April 8, 2023, nearly 45,000 car owners have signed up for the NOP+ Beta free trial, the mileage has exceeded 21 million kilometers, more than 38,000 user feedbacks have been collected, and more than 20 internal iterations have been made.

At present, NOP+ Beta has covered 95% of the country’s core expressways and urban expressways, and has significantly improved the safety and experience comfort in scenarios such as following cars, changing lanes to overtake, and passing on ramps.


At the same time, the Aquila super-sensing system and the Adam super-computing platform enable all Banyan models to have leading hardware capabilities. NOP+ will also gradually switch and upgrade to the BEV architecture in 2023. Leading hardware capabilities and algorithm architecture will help NOP+ continue to reduce breakpoints and cover more road scenes, bringing you a more comfortable and pleasant highway piloting experience.

In addition, starting from the second half of 2023, PSP (highway Pilot Power Swap) will gradually cover highway power swapping stations across the country, connecting the entire journey of highway, truly realizing uninterrupted point-to-point pilot assistance in highway scenes, bringing you a new experience.

NOP+ enhances pilotage auxiliary charging policy and time rhythm

  • The free trial of NOP+ Beta will end on June 30, 2023. From July 1, NOP+ will be upgraded to the official version and start subscription. Subscription price: 380 yuan/month.


In order to thank you for your support, new car buyers can enjoy the following benefits

  • ET7, ES7, EC7, and ET5 users who receive car delivery or pay a deposit on May 31, 2023 (inclusive) can obtain NOP+ free use rights for 2 years.
  • New ES8 users who pay a deposit before July 31, 2023 (inclusive) can get NOP+ free use rights for 2 years.
  • NP selected package users, when repurchasing a new car of all Banyan models, can get the right to use NOP+ for 5 years free of charge, and enjoy a 40% discount on NOP+ subscription for life.
  • NP full package users, when repurchasing a new car of all Banyan models, can get NOP+ free use right for 10 years, and enjoy 30% off NOP+ subscription discount for life.

Explanation of NOP+ rights and interests rules for new car buyers

  • All benefits are only available when buying a new car.
  • NP selected package user rights and NP full package user rights have no purchase date restrictions and can be superimposed with other rights and interests. Each qualified vehicle can only be exchanged for one repurchase right, and the repurchase judgment rules are consistent with the vehicle repurchase rules.
  • For owners who have picked up their cars before July 1, 2023 (exclusive), the NOP+ free use rights will come into effect on July 1, and we will uniformly distribute the rights on June 30. For owners who pick up their cars after July 1, 2023 (inclusive), the NOP+ free usage rights will take effect on the date of vehicle delivery.