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Alibaba: All Ali products will be connected to the AI large model for a comprehensive upgrade in the future

On April 11, Alibaba reported that Today, Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, said at the cloud summit that all Alibaba products will be connected to the “Tongyi Qianwen” model in the future for a comprehensive transformation.


In the future, Alibaba Cloud will do two things well: make computing power more inclusive, promote the positive cycle of self-developed technology and large-scale operations, and continue to release technological dividends; make AI more popular, so that every enterprise’s products can be connected to the large-scale model for upgrading and transformation, and have the ability to create their own exclusive large-scale model.

01 – All Alibaba products will be connected to “Tongyi Qianwen” in the future

Since 2019, we have started to conduct large-scale model research, and recently demonstrated the phased research results: the large-scale model of Tongyi Qianwen.

Zhang Yong introduced that DingTalk, Tmall Genie and other products have become much smarter after being connected to the Tongyi Qianwen test. Like Tmall Genie, they can not only answer all kinds of tricky questions from children at home, but also have more emotion connection, and become warmer and more humane smart assistants.

After DingTalk is connected to the Tongyi Qianwen test, it can automatically generate a work plan, and can also automatically generate a summary and to-do list after meeting minutes, and can also take a functional sketch to automatically generate a small program.

Alibaba decides to connect all products to Tongyi Qianwen in the future and carry out a comprehensive transformation.

02 – Alibaba Cloud hopes to help more enterprises use large models

Zhang Yong said that facing the AI era, all products are worth re-upgrading with large models. Based on this belief, Alibaba Cloud hopes to help more companies use large models, so that each enterprise can have an exclusive large model with its own industry capabilities.

Large-scale models are an all-round competition of “AI+cloud computing”. The research and development of large-scale models with over one trillion parameters is not just an algorithm problem, but includes many fields such as the underlying huge computing power, network, big data, and machine learning. The complex and systematic engineering of complex systems requires the support of ultra-large-scale AI infrastructure.

For more than ten years, Alibaba Cloud has accumulated the full-stack technical strength of “AI + cloud computing” from the Feitian cloud operating system, chips to intelligent computing platforms. Alibaba Cloud will open these AI infrastructure and large-scale model capabilities to all enterprises, and jointly promote the development of the AI industry.

“The imagination of an enterprise is limited after all, and the unleashing of the potential of AI depends on countless people to explore.”