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CATL will release condensed matter battery technology at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 11, IT Home reported that according to the Financial Associated Press, at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show, CATL will release condensed matter battery technology and zero-carbon strategy. It is reported that condensed matter batteries have the characteristics of high safety, strong reliability, and long cycle life.



CATL stated on the investor interaction platform in October last year that CATL has been leading international cutting-edge research.
The company has formed a series of products including high-energy-density ternary high-nickel batteries and cost-effective lithium iron phosphate batteries.
At present, the layout of battery technologies such as sodium ion, M3P, condensed matter, cobalt-free batteries, all-solid-state batteries, and rare metal-free batteries is being comprehensively promoted.

IT Home once reported that Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, previously revealed that in addition to Kirin batteries, they are still working on more new types of batteries, such as all-solid batteries, semi-solid batteries, and even condensed matter batteries that you have never heard of.

Zeng Yuqun said that the innovation of power battery chemistry system, structure innovation, manufacturing innovation, and business model innovation can only be integrated to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Some experts said that the core of condensed matter batteries is to achieve superfluidity, superconductivity, stability, and superior conductivity. Simply put, the battery is more stable, has a larger capacity, and has faster conduction efficiency.

In simple terms, condensed matter refers to a system composed of a large number of particles with strong interactions between them. There are various condensed matter in nature. Superfluid state at low temperature, superconducting state, Bose-Einstein condensed state, ferromagnetic state in magnetic medium, antiferromagnetic state, etc. are also condensed states.

Research focuses in condensed matter physics include related materials, quantum phase transitions, and applications of quantum field theory to condensed matter systems. Issues to be addressed include high-temperature superconductivity, topological order, and the theoretical description of novel materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes.