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NIO reported the launch of the first batch of third-generation power swap stations

On April 13, NIO reported the launch of the first batch of third-generation power swap stations.


The first batch of third-generation swap stations
10 stations and 10 cities online

Accelerate the layout of the 2023 Thousand-Station Plan

Make powering-up more convenient than refueling

Everything is light, like new

Open a new experience of battery replacement together

NIO Power Station|Shangri-La, Haikou
The station is located in the West Coast Shangri-La Hotel in the emerging business and tourist resort center of Haikou City. It is the 10th NIO power station in Haikou. It sits on the natural beauty of the Qiongzhou Strait, adjacent to the International Convention and Exhibition Center, and adjacent to the picturesque Holiday Beach.


NIO Power Station|Shenzhen Futian Pavilion
The station is located in the Shengtingyuan Hotel in Futian District, Shenzhen. It is the 41st battery swapping station in Shenzhen. It is located in the shopping center area, close to Luohu Railway Station, Huanggang Port and Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, providing a convenient battery swapping experience.


NIO Power Station|Chengdu Zhongde Yinglun Shibang
The station is located at No. 73, Dongsi North 2nd Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu. It is the 36th power station in Chengdu, covering large business districts such as Century City International Exhibition Center in the east and New Century Global Center in the north, Chengdu SKP, and Xinchuan Innovation Technology Park.


NIO Power Station|Shanghai Nanxiang Delivery Center
The station is located in NIO Delivery Center|Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang, which is the 108th power station in Shanghai, adjacent to the most comprehensive development base of the automobile industry in Jiading District.
Adjacent to Jiamin Elevated, Huxiang Expressway, Shenhai Expressway and other important expressway sections, the transportation is convenient.


NIO Power Station|Wuxi Longfor Tianpu
The station is located in Tianpu, Longhu, Binhu District, Wuxi City. It is the 29th power station in Wuxi. It is adjacent to Lixin Avenue and is in an important position for the development of “one body with two wings” in Wuxi city.


NIO Power Station|Hefei Meitong
The station is located at No. 150 Dongliu Road, Baohe District, Hefei City. It is the 24th power station in Hefei. It is adjacent to Hefei South Railway Station, Yujie Park and other places. It has convenient transportation and a large number of users, providing users with a convenient energy replenishment experience.


NIO Power Station|Wanding Plaza, Zhengzhou
The station is located in Wanding Commercial Plaza, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. It is the 22nd power station in Zhengzhou. It has an advantageous geographical location and is the most prosperous place with the largest traffic flow in Jinshui District.
It is adjacent to Zhengzhou National Convention and Exhibition Center in the west and Zhengzhou Railway Station in the east, with convenient transportation.


NIO Power Station|Qingdao IKEA
Located in IKEA Qingdao, this station is the 13th power station in Qingdao. It is only 3.4 kilometers away from the Qingdao East Toll Station of Qingyin Expressway, and within three kilometers there are also popular travel places such as IFC Center, Laoshan Vientiane Plaza, and Thumb Plaza.


NIO Power Station|Beijing Xingong Nanyuan
The station is located at No. 62, Wuaitun, Fengtai District, Beijing. It is the 82nd power station in Beijing, radiating four important business districts in Fengtai District, Hualian Charity West Bridge Shopping Center, Joy Chunfengli, Huaifang Wanda Plaza, Huiju and many communities, providing users in Fengtai District with a convenient battery swap experience.


NIO Power Station|Harbin IKEA
The station is located at No. 48, Fudan Street, Nangang District, Harbin. It is the fifth power station in Harbin. It is at the intersection of Haxi Street and Fudan Street, close to the Haxi Street subway station, and surrounded by many residential areas.


These 10 third-generation battery swap stations have met the wishes of 866 users. Everyone is welcome to fill in your wish location on the NIO App, and together we will help to achieve the Thousand-Station Plan.

As of April 13, NIO has deployed a total of 1,342 battery swap stations across the country, including 351 expressway battery swap stations, 14,541 charging piles, and 680,000+ third-party charging piles, continuing the layout, and making powering up more convenient than refueling.


With the launch of the first batch of third-generation stations, a new experience of battery replacement will be opened, and the completion of the 2023 Thousand-Station Plan will be accelerated. If you place an order with NIO before June, you can enjoy up to 6 lifetime free battery swaps per month, and start a worry-free car experience with energy replenishment.