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Xpeng announced its coming 2023 technical architecture conference –“redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles”

On April 13, Xpeng announced that the Xpeng 2023 technical architecture conference will be held at 15:00 on April 16, which is called “redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles.”

Xpeng continues to adopt hard-core technological means

Expand the world of possibilities

Bring a richer and more comfortable smart travel experience

Leading in multiple industry sectors in the past has made this journey wonderful and infinite


into the second half

Smart parking that can accommodate more parking spaces

VPA-L that opens the last 2 kilometers before parking

Highway NGP that makes travel easier

City NGP that is China’s first mass-produced urban scene high-level intelligent assisted driving

Meanwhile, One more thing

The XNGP intelligent driving assistance system with full-scenario capabilities is continuously evolving

Is about to change your travel for the better

From now on, let’s go to the windy place together


making your car “understand” you more

The industry’s first full voice interactive system

Just “Hello, little P” can easily complete navigation, air conditioning, entertainment and other settings

Full scene voice

Voice interaction is faster and more free, and you can do what you say

Committed to becoming a reliable partner accompanying users in full scenarios


letting energy replenishment enter the era of ultra-fast charging

800V high voltage platform, user experience is more convenient and efficient

With the time of a song, you can start taking-off immediately

1000+ Xpeng self-operated charging stations, covering all prefecture-level administrative regions and municipalities

Xpeng friends have no mileage anxiety


Every iteration and evolution of Xpeng is accompanied and witnessed by you

Now, as the leader and definer of intelligence, Xpeng
Is about to make another big move

April 16, 15:00
Go Straight Up
Xpeng 2023 Technology Architecture Conference
Shock Striking

Redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles