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NIO summarized 9 major advantages of battery swap

On April 11, NIO summarized 9 major advantages of battery swap.

Many users are saying “it’s always cool to swap the battery”. So what are the advantages of NIO battery swap? We summarize 9 points, and let you understand it in one article.

01 – Battery replacement time is 2 and a half minutes
as convenient as refueling

The battery replacement time is 2 and a half minutes. The whole process, including automatic parking and entry, battery replacement, and three-electric (systems) self-inspection, can be completed within 5 minutes, and it only takes one song’s time to fully charge and set-off.


02 – Experience high intelligence
Fully automatic battery replacement

Intelligence station collaborates. The user does not need to get out of the car, and the battery is automatically changed throughout the process. The third-generation power station is equipped with 2 laser radars and 2 Nvidia Orin X chips, with a total computing power of 508TOPS to better support intelligence battery swap functions such as highway pilot battery replacement.

03 – Battery rental
Lowering the barriers to buying a car

Thanks to the battery swap mode, the separation of vehicle and battery is realized

User can rent the battery, and buy a car without buying the battery

Lowering the threshold for car purchase, and allowing users to choose one more option according to their own conditions when purchasing a car


04 – Full battery life cycle management
Safer to use

Every time the battery is replaced, the battery will be fully checked

The terminal and cloud integrate BMS to realize precise management and control from battery cell to system

Make sure the battery is in the best condition before the vehicle is fully charged and set off

Batteries with poor health will withdraw from the swap system for later improvements or arrangements.

05 – Flexible upgrades on demand without paying unnecessary battery costs

Users can flexibly upgrade vehicle battery ranges on demand according to their own short-distance or long-distance scenarios

No need to pay unnecessary battery costs

Provide a low-cost high-capacity battery experience

The battery range can be improved without changing the car, and you can enjoy the bonus of battery technology upgrade


06 – Best Energy Storage Application
Reducing grid load

The power station itself is a natural energy storage facility

The third-generation power station can be equipped with up to 21 batteries

Equivalent to an energy storage facility capable of storing 2,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity

Charge the battery at night, replace the battery for users during the day, and reduce the load on the grid

07 – Grid interaction
Participating in peak regulation and frequency regulation

When the power is in short supply, the stations participate in peak regulation and frequency regulation to balance power generation and power consumption.

The third-generation power station is equipped with a two-way high-power charging module, which greatly improves the charging and discharging efficiency of the battery in the power station, realizes two-way interaction, and helps the power grid to cut peaks and fill valleys


08 – Reduce waste of resources
Contribute to dual carbon goals

Users can upgrade as needed, no need to buy large-capacity batteries directly

With a small number of large-capacity batteries, it can meet the needs of most users for long-distance travel

Saving at least 17% of battery resources, and helping carbon neutrality and carbon emission reduction


09 – Separation of vehicle and electricity
Better for battery recycling applications

The battery swap mode can realize the separation of vehicle and electricity

Decoupling the different lifetimes of the battery and the vehicle

Through the standardization of battery replacement, the efficiency of recycling can be improved, and secondary sub-level utilization can also be carried out, so that batteries can be used more widely


Summarize the 9 advantages of battery swap:

1. It takes 2 and a half minutes to change the battery, which is as convenient as refueling
2. Experience high intelligence, automatic battery replacement throughout the process
3. Battery rental, lowering the threshold for car purchase
4. Full battery life cycle management, safer to use
5. Flexible upgrades on demand, no need to pay unnecessary battery costs
6. Optimal energy storage application to reduce grid load
7. Power grid interaction, participation in peak regulation and frequency regulation
8. Reduce resource waste and help double carbon goals
9. The separation of vehicle and electricity is more conducive to the application of battery recycling

As of April 11, NIO has deployed 1,331 swap stations across the country.
In 2023, NIO will add 1,000 new battery swap stations, allowing more users to experience battery swap services that are more convenient than refueling.

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