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Alibaba: Cainiao and Brazil Post signed a strategic cooperation agreement | Pet Health Becomes Tmall’s New Ten Billion Market

On April 14, Alibaba released its weekly pieces of news. Below are some of the selected items.

Alibaba Cloud’s core two things: Make computing power more inclusive and AI more popular

On April 11, Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, said at the cloud summit that making computing a public service is the constant pursuit of Alibaba Cloud.

The core of the future needs to do two things well:
First, make computing power more inclusive, promote the positive cycle of self-developed technology and large-scale operation, and continuously release technological dividends;
Second, make AI more popular, so that every enterprise’s products can be connected to the large-scale model for upgrading and transformation, and have the ability to create its own exclusive large-scale model.

Alibaba Cloud announces a 40% price cut for the latest ECS instance for sale, and free trial of full-stack cloud products

On April 11, Alibaba Cloud Intelligent CTO Zhou Jingren announced the release of ECS enterprise-level general-purpose computing power U instances. The price can be reduced by up to 40% compared with the previous generation of main sales instances. At the same time, the object storage reserved space product is launched, and the price can be reduced by up to 70%. .

In addition, Alibaba Cloud also launched the “Feitian Free Trial Plan” for developers to open up full-stack cloud product experience. The first batch of free trials of more than 50 core products can last up to 3 months.

Cainiao and Brazil Post signed a strategic cooperation agreement to accelerate and optimize the timeliness of international express delivery

On April 12, Cainiao signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Brazil Post.

The two parties will deepen cooperation in the fields of international express delivery, logistics technology and other fields, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the terminal network of international express service in the Brazilian market, and provide high-quality cross-border logistics services for global merchants and consumers.


“It Economy” Derived New Formats, Pet Health Becomes Tmall’s New Ten Billion Market

According to the Tmall New Life Research Institute, the new pet health segment market consists of five major directions: technological health monitoring, refined gastrointestinal care, SPA-level grooming and skin care, caring for dogs and cats, and family pet medical care. The transaction scale on Tmall has exceeded 10 billion yuan.