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NIO introduced nine “new” highlights of the Shanghai Auto Show to get in advance | The new ES6 is about to debut!

On April 16, NIO introduced nine “new” highlights of the Shanghai Auto Show.


2023 Shanghai International Auto Show

Will officially open on April 18

We brought the NIO Center to the auto show booth as promised

And bring nine “new” highlights

Let’s start a new chapter together



01 – “New” models debut

New ES6 debut, 2023 ET7 launch

The new ES6 equipped with the “Banyan” intelligent system will make its debut in everyone’s anticipation

The 2023 ET7 will also be officially launched

Welcome everyone to watch the live broadcast of the press conference at 10:00 on April 18

Learn more about new models first-hand

Live platforms

NIO App / NIO Radio

WeChat video account @奇来@奇来上海中心

Douyin @微来_NIO/微博@微来/bilibili@奇来_NIO

YouTube @NIO

2023 Shanghai International Auto Show NIO Press Conference
April 18, 10:00



02 – “New” Technology Experience

PanoCinema immersive viewing
Aquila hypersensory system perception demonstration

In the NIO Innovations exhibition area

Not only can you experience the shocking effect of the 3D Dolby Atmos short film of “The Wandering Earth 2” in the PanoCinema NIO panoramic digital cockpit, but you can also experience the shocking effect of the 3D Dolby Atmos clip through the real-time screen.

Come and experience the “world of Aquila super sensory system”

Discover how technology will change entertainment and mobility


03 – “New” legend in the same frame

Three record-breaking EP9s gathered at the scene

The electric supercar EP9 has created a series of historical lap records on several top tracks around the world with extreme performance

At this auto show, three record-setting EP9s will be unveiled on the same stage

Welcome to punch card Speed Legend


04 – “New” power-up experience

The third-generation battery swap station and 500kW ultra-fast charging pile debuted at the booth

NIO’s third-generation battery swap station will make its debut at the auto show

On-site demonstration of the whole process of battery replacement

You can also fill in your “Power Swap Station Wish List” through the interactive large screen

A full range of charging products including 500kW ultra-fast charging piles and NIO Energy Cloud will also be exhibited on site

Fully demonstrate the “rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable” NIO Power energy service system


05 – “New” seeds dialog

“Dialogue with the Future” Prospect Talk

April 22-April 23

seeds will share the theme of “Dialogue with the Future: Exploration, Foresight, and Imagination” in the center of the booth

ET7 user and founder of Hurricane Pan, Tim Pan will be the initiator of the dialogue with 4 guests from different fields

NIO App@seeds, WeChat video account @微来, bilibili@奇来_NIO, and NIO Radio will broadcast live simultaneously

You are also welcome to go to the NIO booth to listen to the seeds offline



06 – “New” trendy product release

Four new series of NIO Life products are launched in surprise

During this auto show, NIO Life will launch four new series of products including BLUE SKY LAB’s first furniture series and more surprises

Welcome to the booth or NIO App Surprise Mall to buy



07 – “New” shopping method

Appreciate the user’s artistic inspiration and get a free exploration passport

On the second floor of the booth, the theme of NIO User Exhibition Hall is “Let love continue to shine”, exhibiting more than 20 photography, sound and installation art works carefully created by NIO users

Everyone can check in through interaction, record and collect their own footprints in the exhibition


08 – “New” User Interaction

Communicate with the “bright” figures and receive the joyful benefits of Shanghai

More than 300 car owner volunteers from more than 30 cities across the country will gather at the booth with a new look

Answer your various questions and help more friends understand NIO

The car owner benefit partner has also prepared a lot of exclusive benefit coupons for everyone in Shanghai to eat, drink and have fun

Remember to pick it up from car owner volunteers on the spot


09 – “New” Blind Box Benefits

Easily scan to win exciting gifts such as vehicle coupons

A lot of surprise blind boxes have also been prepared for everyone

Just scan the QR code on the booth, and you will have the opportunity to get a maximum value of about 8,000 yuan Yuexiang travel vehicle usage coupons, 1,888 points, auto show limited special drink coupons and other exciting gifts

Come and scan, easy to win big prizes


Shanghai Auto Show Time
April 18 to April 27, 2023

News media day
April 18th – April 19th 09:00-18:00

Professional audience day
April 20th – April 21st 10:00-19:00

Public visit day
April 22 – April 26 10:00-19:00
April 27th 10:00-15:00

NIO Booth Location
No. 168 Yinggang East Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
Hall 6.1 Booth 6A01