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Xpeng introduced “Fuyao” technical framework, redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles | The first strategic “Fuyao” model Xpeng G6 debut at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

On April 16, Xpeng introduced its “Fuyao” technical framework, redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles.


Going straight up the clouds, soaring thousands of miles

In the last ten years, the automobile industry has been transformed into new energy

In the next five years, smart cars usher in an inflection point



After 5 years of exploration, over 10 billion R & D investment

Xpeng brings SEPA 2.0 “Fuyao” all-region intelligent evolution architecture

It is the ultimate technical architecture before realizing unmanned driving

Will redefine high-end smart electric vehicles


Part 2

High-end driving experience becomes standard, making smart electric vehicles more powerful

The only domestic mass-produced front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting body, more stable and greatly improved driving control performance

Torsional stiffness
42,000 Nim/deg

Torsional stiffness increase

Body weight reduction

Number of integrated parts


CIB battery body integration technology makes the ride more comfortable and safer

Vertical space saving

Side impact resistance
800 tons

Compatible with various suspension systems

Leading mechanical quality, excellent frame control performance



Intelligence will become the pain point for users to buy cars
We are committed to making cars that “understand” you better

X-EEA electronic and electrical architecture keeps the smart experience at the top of the wave

Smart experience iteration cycle shortened

Extremely fast OTA rate increase


XNGP intelligent assisted driving system makes unmanned driving not “nonsense”

In 2023, the number of human takeovers per 1,000 kilometers in highway scenarios will be less than 1

In 2025, the number of human takeovers per 100 kilometers in CITY scenarios will be less than 1

Xmart OS in-vehicle intelligent system “GPT”-like brain serves every Xpeng friend

Voice comprehensive R & D cycle shortened

Voice conversation service cost reduction

And the above capabilities will be continuously upgraded and iterated in China’s largest and only automotive autonomous driving intelligent computing center that has been put into production



Standard global 800V high voltage
Sic silicon carbide platform
“Energy range anxiety” has since become a false proposition


Standard 3C batteries, compatible with 4C batteries*

Charging for 5 minutes, the maximum battery range is 200 kilometers

*4C batteries support the above charging capabilities

New 800V XPower Electric Drive

Comprehensive efficiency reaches an industry-leading 92%

Let the cruising range be seen as “real”

Highly integrated, efficient and quiet

Return more cockpit space and more quiet time to users


Overall efficiency of electric drive system


Top American pure electric brand

Top domestic new energy brand


X-HP Intelligent Thermal Management System
No fear of heat and cold, efficient battery range and charging capacity in all temperature ranges


Increased battery range in winter

Charging power boost

Improved battery heat dissipation



Redefining the standard of high-end smart electric vehicles

Moving with wind, soaring upwards

Xpeng uses every iteration and evolution to bring subversive experience


In the future under the “Fuyao” framework, Xpeng users can enjoy the comfortable experience brought by high-end electric vehicles


Simplified configuration, worry-free selection

Unified experience, worry-free getting-started

Efficient upgrade, worry-free always-new


One more thing

The first new strategic model under the SEPA 2.0 “Fuyao” technical framework

Super smart coupe SUV Xpeng G6

Will be unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

April 18, 2023

Stay tuned