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NIO reported the specifics of its first batch of fifteen 500kW ultra-fast charging stations going online

On April 17, NIO reported the specifics of its first batch of fifteen 500kW ultra-fast charging stations going online.


The first batch of 15 500kW ultra-fast charging stations went online

Ultra-fast, ultra-light, ultra-smart

Make charging more convenient than refueling


500kW ultra-fast charging stations

Haikou Shangri-La

Dongguan Wanhui Cloud Valley

Shenzhen Futian Pavilion

Foshan Daliang Poly Plaza

Wuxi Longfor Tianpu

Shanghai Nanxiang Delivery Center

Qingdao IKEA

Zhengzhou Wanding Plaza

Beijing Xingong South Garden

Beijing Zuo’anmen Bridge

Beijing Jiade Changshi Science and Technology Park

Harbin IKEA

G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway Wanzhuang Service Area Beijing direction

S2 Guanghe Expressway Sinopec Sino-Singapore Service Area Guangzhou direction

S2 Guanghe Expressway, Sinopec Zhongxin Service Area Heyuan direction


Humanized design ultra-convenient

The 500kW ultra-fast charging pile is more intelligent, easy-to-use and humanized in design. The logo light on the top of the pile provides convenience for users to find the station at night. The 15.6-inch high-definition retina screen is convenient for users to view the operation process and charging information. In addition, the multi-scenario ring light strip inserted into the muzzle shows the state of the pile body through different colors, and various working conditions allow users to understand at a glance.


Ultra-fast charging

It far exceeds the performance of supercharge piles in the industry, with a peak charging power of 500kW and a maximum charging current of 660A. From 10% to 80%, the 400V model takes only 20 minutes at the fastest, and the 800V model only takes 12 minutes. The name of ultra-fast charging is worthy of the name.

Ultra-light for one-handed operation

To improve the user’s charging experience, in addition to faster charging efficiency, the operability of the gun cable is also an important part. Self-developed ultra-light liquid-cooled gun cable, which weighs less than half of the traditional gun cable, can be easily operated with one hand, and can be charged elegantly.

Cloud Interconnected Ultra-smart

The 500kW ultra-fast charging pile is also a “smart technology product”. Equipped with a smart parking space monitoring camera connected to the cloud, not only can real-time grasp the availability of parking spaces through the car machine or mobile app, but also realize “non-inductive unlocking” on parking spaces with ground locks, eliminating the need for manual locking operations.

At the same time, it supports plug-and-play, code scanning and NFC card charging. There is always a way for you.

*Plug and charge is only available for NIO vehicles. The smart parking space monitoring function and NFC card swiping charging will be released through OTA updates later.


Station-pile collaboration is ultra-efficient

NIO’s 500kW ultra-fast charging pile and the third-generation battery swap stations are a new generation of integrated charging and swapping stations. Through the efficient coordination of stations and intelligent and flexible power distribution, the performance of ultra-fast charging piles can be more efficient and stable. At the same time, thanks to the high charge and powerful energy storage capacity of the power station, it has become the most deployable ultra-fast charging product in the industry under the same grid power distribution conditions.


As of April 17, NIO has deployed 1,352 battery swapping stations and 14,768 charging piles across the country, connecting to more than 680,000 third-party charging piles. With the continuous layout of the 1,000-station, 10,000-pile plan in 2023, 500kW ultra-fast charging piles will be deployed together with the third-generation power station to further improve the user’s charging and swapping experience, making it more convenient to recharge than refuel.