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Xpeng released post for understanding Xpeng G6 — Letting science fiction shine into reality

On April 17, Xpeng released a post for understanding Xpeng G6 with the theme of letting science fiction shine into reality.


Xpeng G6

The first strategic model under the SEPA2.0 soaring framework

Super smart coupe SUV

The last car before unmanned driving, a new species of intelligent driving


Science fiction writer Liu Cixin
Xiaopeng G6 forward-looking design consultant

It stems from mutual love for science fiction and persistence in exploration

Liu Cixin provides design inspiration for Xpeng

Xpeng G6, a new species of smart driving representing the style of “extreme curvature”, was born

Deduce the infinite imagination of future intelligent travel


Xiaopeng G6 is the only masterpiece in the world equipped with four cutting-edge hard-core technologies
Medium-sized smart pure electric SUV ceiling

Leading Intelligent Assisted Driving

The ultimate form before unmanned driving, (1) XNGP intelligent assisted driving system

Super environmental perception ability to generate “high-precision maps” in real time

The world’s leading intelligent quality manufacturing

(2) The country’s first mass-produced front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting technology

(3) CIB battery body integration technology

The body is more integrated, and the performance of the vehicle is improved in all aspects from safety, control and battery range


Lower energy consumption, longer battery life, faster charging

(4) Standard global 800V high-voltage SiC silicon carbide platform + 3C batteries

The fastest 10 minutes to replenish 300 kilometers

Even with ordinary piles, it has faster charging speed

Endurance up to 755km, no fear of any challenge


Tech Flow Aesthetics

Extending the ultimate technological curvature, interpreting the beauty of power, presenting momentum and tension, with the soul of technology, presenting the posture of a coupe

Ultra-low drag pulse curvature

Smooth body curve, bringing ultra-low wind resistance 0.248Cd

For every 0.01Cd decrease in drag coefficient, CLTC battery range increases by about 7km

Achieving greater battery range


Riding the Golden Ratio

50:50 front and rear axle load ratio

Short front overhang, short rear overhang, low center of gravity

Creating body proportions for driving control


Vision Suspension Roof

Neat and slender slip-back curve with suspended roof

Like a space magician, the coupe has a superior rear headroom


Robot Face Emotional

When the light is on, it looks like warm eyes

Whenever you approach, there is a sense


Widen the shoulders outside the energy

Superior car width deduces sporty style, with adaptive lift electric rear spoiler

The most beautiful back kill, full of tension


Family minimalist evanescent surface

Consistent family design

Make the side profile full and smooth

Traction energy surge between travel

Technology · Simplicity · Comfort · Health

Let smart cars become human partners,

Create a meticulous and pure space for the younger generation of users


Vector star ring design

Circle of life, implying technological evolution and endless life

Integrated central control design, immersive smart cockpit

Let technology serve people more concisely and efficiently


A large space for stretching

Superior 60.8% axle length ratio, 2890mm long wheelbase

The front seats can be folded flat, and the rear seats can be adjusted up to 38.4 degrees

The interior space of the car is comparable to that of medium and large SUVs, allowing you to stretch freely


New Joy Control Steering Wheel

The oval steering wheel increases the necessary leg room and upper field of view

Minimize physical buttons and make full use of large screen interaction


Windless smart air conditioner

Intelligent and precise control of air-conditioning wind direction

Use the Coanda effect to let the air flow gently surround the entire cockpit

The wind that people can’t feel is the comfortable wind


Innovative skin-friendly flexible fabric

Use microfiber suede in a large area, high-grade matte texture

Innovative antibacterial and stain resistant silicone leather

Healthy and environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and soft, easy to clean


Xpeng G6

Super smart coupe SUV

In the middle of 2023, let science fiction shine into reality