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EHang reported its AAVs at Canton Fair: The world pays attention to EHang Manufacturing | EH216 series three-model joint exhibition becomes the hottest “hot spot” at the Fair

Source: EHang


On April 19, EHang reported its EH216 AAVs at Canton Fair.


From April 15th to April 19th, the 133rd Canton Fair, the largest in history, was held grandly! Both the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors hit record highs. Millennium business capital Guangzhou ushered in an international event again~
This year’s Canton Fair will newly set up industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. New exhibition areas such as new energy and intelligent connected vehicles.


The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. The Canton Fair is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Center. It is the most important international trade event, known as China’s first exhibition, the barometer and vane of China’s foreign trade.


01 – China’s first exhibition “Fly” attracts attention

As a local company in Guangzhou, EHang completed the joint exhibition of the EH216 series of three aircrafts in the new exhibition area opened for the first time, namely EH216-S for passenger transportation, EH216F for air fire protection, and EH216L for cargo logistics transportation.

This is the first show of its EH216 “Family Portrait” in Guangzhou! — Becoming a unique and beautiful landscape on the scene. During the exhibition period, EHang received super popularity. Autopilot aircraft product solutions are highly sought after and become the real traffic responsibility of this Canton Fair!



During the Canton Fair, Wang Shouwen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Commerce, International Trade Negotiator and Vice Minister (ministerial level);
Ren Hongbin, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade;
Indonesian Consul General in Guangzhou and other Chinese and foreign leaders and guests, as well as domestic and foreign government delegations and purchasing groups came to the EHang exhibition area to visit and exchange.

EHang Chief Operating Officer Fang Xin and other company executives gave a detailed introduction to the company’s self-developed autonomous air mobility solution on the spot. It fully demonstrates the advantages of intelligence, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection and its innovative applications in scenarios such as passenger transportation, logistics transportation, and emergency management.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Commerce, International Trade Negotiator and Vice Minister Wang Shouwen had an on-site exchange
Ren Hongbin, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, visited EHang
Bindega, Consul General of Indonesia in Guangzhou, and his delegation visited EHang Booth


02 – Media focus on China’s intelligence manufacturing becoming hotspot

During the exhibition, CCTV News, China Central Radio and Television,
CCTV Finance, CCTV Voice of the Greater Bay Area, main station CGTN,
Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily, Guangdong TV Station,
Greater Bay Area Satellite TV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Interface News,
21st Century Business Herald, Securities Daily, Guangzhou Daily, and many other Chinese and foreign media such as Ta Kung Pao and Kyodo News demonstrated the charm and value of EHang’s advanced urban air mobility in an all-round way through live video and news reports.



03 – Meeting friend circles, Gaining fans regardless of borders

During the five-day exhibition, more than 150 Chinese and foreign buyers came to the EHang Exhibition Area for business consultation, technical exchanges and cooperation negotiations. Among them, many foreign buyers from Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East were curious about the passenger aircraft that can drive automatically, and they became “seat” guests one after another! EHang’s intelligent aircraft immediately became the most popular place to check in at the Canton Fair. Chinese businessmen are full of praise for China’s intelligent manufacturing and aviation technology.


Exhibits introduction


EH216-S is the flagship electric passenger autonomous aircraft independently developed by EHang, facing the application requirements of low-altitude and short-distance air mobility in cities. It can be widely used in passenger transportation, tourism, logistics transportation, medical emergency and other scenarios. It has the advantages of autonomous driving, full backup safety design, intelligent command and dispatch center cluster management, etc. Passengers only need to select the flight destination and enjoy the journey without the need of a pilot.


EH216F (fire version) is a new version designed for high-rise fire emergency application scenarios based on EH216. It has the characteristics of “super large load, fast response, cluster operation, remote control”, etc. It can be flexibly loaded with broken window integrated fire extinguishing bombs and fire extinguishing solvents.

For high-rise fire hazards, after confirming the fire point, it can accurately break the window and spray fire extinguishing solvent to cover the fire and effectively control the spread of the fire.


EH216L (logistics version) is a heavy-duty autopilot aircraft designed for logistics and transportation application scenarios on the basis of EH216.
The maximum load of the aircraft is 250 kg, and it is mainly used in short- and medium-distance air logistics, emergency transportation and other scenarios in cities and remote areas.


Feel the world’s leading autonomous flight technology, experience the charm of urban air mobility made in China,

What EHang presents to everyone is not only the simple aircraft on the booth, but also a broader future in the digital sky, and more wonderful things will come to the people in reality!