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BYD’s sales target for this year is 3 million vehicles, and the first day of pre-sale orders for the entry-level model Seagull exceeds 10,000


On April 20, according to Interface News, the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show kicked off, and a variety of new cars debuted by BYD have become the focus of attention.

Its mini electric car Seagull officially opened pre-sales on April 18, with a price range of 78,800 to 95,800 yuan. According to official data, Seagull pre-sale orders exceeded 10,000 within 24 hours.

Seagull is positioned as a “new generation’s mainstream scooter car”, built on the basis of e-platform 3.0 technology, and can accommodate 5 people in the car. The whole series is equipped with 4 airbags as standard, and two cruising range versions of 305 kilometers and 405 kilometers are available. Its interior is basically similar to that of a dolphin, equipped with a suspended LCD instrument panel and a suspended central control screen.

At the press conference, this car not only attracted the attention of many domestic consumers, but also executives from Volkswagen and other automakers also stopped to observe.

As BYD’s entry-level model with the lowest price, the Seagull has pre-sold more than 10,000 units in a short period of time, making it expected to become another hot-selling model after the Dolphin. Dolphin’s single-month sales exceeded 30,000 for the first time in March, and its cumulative sales have exceeded 300,000 since its launch.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to Seagull, BYD also released the B-class pure electric SUV Song L concept car and the medium-sized SUV Corvette 07. Its high-end new energy vehicle brand Tengshi (Denza) exhibited the D9 Founding Edition and N7.
However, what attracts the most attention is the newly launched million-level new energy vehicle brand Yangwang.

Yangwang Auto officially opened pre-sales during the auto show. The SUV flagship model Yangwang U8 was officially launched, and the new appearance of U9 was also released. Wangwang U8 has launched two versions, the luxury version and the off-road version. The maximum power output exceeds 1100 horsepower, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 kilometers is 3.6 seconds. The official pre-sale price of Yangwang U8 is 1.098 million yuan.

During the auto show, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD’s brand and public relations office, said in an interview that BYD’s sales target for this year is 3 million vehicles. In the first quarter of this year, BYD sold more than 400,000 vehicles.