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CATL reported its condensed matter battery conference | Battery with 500 Wh/kg energy density | Car-level version mass-produced within this year

On April 19, CATL reported its condensed matter battery conference.



Condensed Matter Battery Conference


Two years ago, we broke through the energy boundary and successfully developed sodium-ion batteries

Today, it is being applied to Chery’s new energy vehicles and will become a cost-effective choice in the mainstream market

10 months ago, Kirin battery came out

Today, the pure electric MPV with the longest battery range – Jikrypton 009 ME version has been delivered

The 1000km version of Jikrypton 001 will also be available at the end of April

In addition, the 4C Kirin battery was first launched in Li Auto’s pure electric vehicle

400 kilometers of battery range in 10 minutes of charging

Today, the launch of the condensed matter battery

It is another milestone of CATL’s independent innovation


Condensed high energy, Release surging

CATL condensed matter battery

High specific energy + high safety

Single energy density up to 500 Wh/kg


High dynamic biomimetic condensed state electrolyte

Constructing micron-scale self-adaptive mesh structures

Modulate interchain interactions

Improve the kinetic performance of the battery while enhancing the stability of the microstructure, and improve the transport efficiency of lithium ions



Breakthrough imagination, Shock striking

Condensed matter batteries have broken through the ceiling that has restricted the development of the battery industry for a long time

Will activate a new electric scene with high safety and lightweight as the core appeal

CATL is working on the development of civilian electric manned aircraft project

Meeting aviation-level safety and quality requirements

The car-level application version of condensed matter batteries will be launched soon and will be mass-produced within this year



Satisfying customer needs is the core driving force of technological innovation in CATL