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EMapGo and Haomo Xuehu Hairuo (Haomo AI) reached a strategic cooperation in intelligent driving to jointly create industrial value

Source: Luokung Technology


On April 20, Luokung Technology reported that recently, EMapGo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” EMapGo”) has access to Haomo Xuehu Hairuo ecology and officially became its strategic partner to jointly create industrial value.


At the 8th HAOMO AI DAY held on April 11, Haomo AI officially released the autonomous driving generative large model Haomo DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo, and announced the official opening of cooperation. The release of DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo will reshape the route of intelligent driving technology.

DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo establishes RLHF (Reinforced Learning with Human Feedback) technology by introducing driving data to continuously optimize the cognitive decision-making model for autonomous driving. The goal is to achieve end-to-end autonomous driving. At this stage, it is mainly used to solve the cognitive decision-making problem of autonomous driving. In the future, the capabilities of multiple large models will be integrated into DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo.

At present, DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo has realized the upgrade of the model structure and parameter scale, the parameter scale has reached 120 billion, and the pre-training stage has introduced 40 million kilometers of mass-produced car driving data. In the RLHF stage, 50,000 artificially selected difficult scenes are introduced to take over Clips.

Haomo DriveGPT Xuehu Hairuo has now started open cooperation with the limited first batch of customers. At the same time, Haomo Xuehu Hairuo will work with partners to gradually explore four major application capabilities, including intelligent driving, driving scene recognition, driving behavior verification, and difficult scene escape.

EMapGo is one of the main map providers of pre-installed navigation maps for automobiles and high-precision maps for autonomous driving in my country. It has accumulated many years of experience in the field of electronic map drawing, and is proficient in the extraction, expression and standardized application of electronic navigation map data.

This time, EMapGo joins Haomo Xuehu Hairuo ecology, which is a further deepened cooperation between the two parties based on the project, to lay a good foundation for data labeling and automatic map production, and effectively promote the optimal management of the entire life cycle of autonomous driving application data. In addition, the two parties will jointly accelerate innovation in the field of automotive intelligence and autonomous driving to create greater commercial value.