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NIO provides the curiosity guide to explore the NIO booth at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 20, NIO released the curiosity guide to explore the NIO booth at the Shanghai Auto.


NIO booth at Auto Shanghai 2023

Bring you richer and more interesting interactions and experiences

What new discoveries will be made this time?

Let’s explore together with curiosity

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Square-inch lens, built-in large screen experience

N-Box Enhanced Entertainment Console

Inside the car, the N-Box augmented entertainment head unit acts as the augmented brain of the digital cockpit

When you wear NIO Air AR Glasses, giant berries appear in front of you

The viewing effect is equivalent to the experience of a large screen equivalent to 6 meters and 201 inches, and supports 3D imaging with 1080P full HD quality

The speaker of the glasses emits sound, easily immersing in a full sensory experience

Supports up to four sets of NIO Air AR Glasses connected at the same time to experience with family and friends, everyone can watch movies in the individual’s seat



Faster full power experience, visible

The third generation power station

At the scene, you can see the whole process of the third-generation power station swapping with your own eyes

The third-generation battery swap station has faster battery replacement and stronger service capabilities

The number of battery positions has increased to 21, and the number of daily services can reach 408 times

And it adopts a new three-workspace cooperative operation mechanism, which shortens the battery replacement time by 20%

This year we plan to add 1,000 new power stations and 10,000 charging piles to serve a wider range of users



Not only fast, but also light

500kW ultra-fast charging

When you come to the charging pile display area, you will see 500kW ultra-fast charging

It has a peak charging power of 500kW and a maximum charging current of 660A

From 10% to 80%, the 400V model takes only 20 minutes at the fastest, and the 800V model only takes 12 minutes

Self-developed ultra-light liquid-cooled charging cable, less than half the weight of traditional charging cables

Easy to operate with one hand, support plug and play and automatic payment*

*Instant streaming and automatic payment are only available for NIO vehicles



The world of ultra sensing system, ultra sense

Aquila Ultra Sensing System

On the big screen at the scene, you can experience “the perspective of Aquila’s ultra-sensing system” in real time

Its watchtower-like layout can “stand tall and see far”

It is also equipped with 33 sensors with 360° recognition capability

Coupled with the blessing of NIO perception self-developed algorithm

Can better predict the actions of surrounding objects

Improve driving safety in complex road conditions



Close the door, it’s the concert hall

7.1.4 Immersive sound system

When you sit in the car and the door closes, you enter the three-dimensional listening space

Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 immersive sound system with 23 speakers as standard

And layout according to the industry-leading 7.1.4 channel scheme

The first to adopt Dirac OpteoTM Professional car audio optimization solution

Can compensate and correct specific sound waves in complex acoustic spaces to optimize sound quality performance

In the car, you can fully experience the subtle details and raw power of Dolby Atmos premium content



“Hidden skills”, let you open more surprises

Smart Chassis Domain Controller

NIO ICC is China’s first full-stack self-developed intelligent chassis domain controller

Achieving a better balance of comfort and handling

Can comprehensively design and adjust the chassis comfort, handling and driving performance

Realize richer customized tuning solutions to meet more driving needs

During the real driving process of the vehicle, fast and accurate targeted adjustments can bring a more comfortable driving experience

It also breaks industry barriers, supports FOTA upgrades, and continues to improve driving experience


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